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It was ordained

                                             Jamie would be fifty-five now. If he had lived. 

It was ordained

I didn't have a photo but I have this video. Jamie with the southpaw stance. 

In 1981 I got hired on at a Cemetery in Burnaby. It was a cemetery for Freemasons and their families. 

I wore a suit, and I was a landscaper with a horticultural certificate. I was a good candidate, and the guy offered me the job. But first, he asked if I believed in a supreme being. I would have told him I believe in Bozo the Clown to get the job, but actually, I do believe in a supreme -- something. 

I told this guy that I was a Jew. He said Jews are no problem. Freemasons don't like Catholics on account of the three deities.

He's telling me that the two guys working there are no good and don't work and they steal and I had to make them work and keep an eye on them. I replied that I would take the job but get rid of them two and I will start fresh with new guys. Phone Manpower and get me, two guys.

So he agreed, and I was hired. He took me around and showed me his plot, "This is where I'm going." And I ended up burying him about three months later. The old guy fell off a ladder.
This turned out to be a very good job. It was Union, the Laborer’s Union and when we got a new contract five months later the pay doubled. It was the largest contract increase in the local’s history. The Masons were tired of havin