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The town of Pahrump lies about an hour from Las Vegas up Hwy 160 to the Southwest. When I worked in the spa at Caesars, I started going out there from time to time. Les, my juice at Caesars owned property there, and he had a friend who lived there full time. The friend, Pete, was an ex-union carpenter on a disability pension.

The guy lived in a trailer on an acre and a quarter, and Les had land also, which he later developed. Pahrump is an Indian word for water underground. And there is water if you dig about 1200 feet down, lots of water. 

When I first moved to Vegas, land in Pahrump was going for 7000 bucks for an acre and a quarter. The town was small, but it grew fast. At first, it was strictly a trailer town, but then modular housing appeared. They got a Wal-Mart. To begin with, there were only a couple of small casinos. I know there are much more now, more and bigger ones, but I haven't kept up.

Many people think prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. Las Vegas means Clark County. Prostitution is not legal in Clark County. There is plenty of illegal prostitution of course. 

Pahrump is in Nye County. It has several whorehouses; The Chicken Ranch and another one called the Cherry Patch. I saw them, but I never went in them.

Sometimes on days off, on week days we would go out to Pahrump to hang out and party. Pete lived on Homestead Road. He had a tiny teardrop trailer, and later he built onto it with an attached large living room and bedroom. Pete had this deal; he had like three doctors writing the script for him. Script writing fools. He would crawl into their offices. It was supposed to be his back, the disability thing. So, he's getting Valium and Percodan, a powerful synthetic opiate, and selling the pills to us for two bucks for a Perc and a buck for the Valium. You do them in sets. It was a nice high, but you can get strung out on them. He made about an extra six hundred bucks a month like that. We got to know different people there in town. There was a lot of speed around there, meth labs and what not, because it's rural. That's how it is.

We got to know one girl, and her nickname was Peanut. She worked on the sod farm in the summer. She was likable, a sunny personality, she was I guess in her mid-twenties. 

She was blond and attractive with a sturdy body, stocky, maybe 150 lbs. She liked mild flirting.

She ended up living with some guy in a trailer out there. We heard about what happened because they were both of them strung out on speed and one night she got upset, jealous or something, and she shot him dead. The guy had a young son.

Peanut was convicted, and she got life. I have no idea if she would ever be eligible for parole but it ain't like Canada. Her life is over. Never mind the dead guy.

There was another guy there. He lived with his pretty wife. We hung out at their nice house which he built himself. He had a high paying trade, and I forget what it was. Maybe he was also a carpenter, a union carpenter. These people also did a lot of speed. He dumped 100,000 bucks into the Megabucks slot machines. He didn't need the money. But greed isn’t about need. He got addicted to the slots and ended up having to sell his house. 

I could probably come up with more of these. Southern Nevada, well the whole state has a kind of undertow, a ruthless and vicious rip tide. Maybe it's some all purpose karma. Something’s got to give.

jesse kaellis 26/9/2016 · #4

Thank you, Paul. We were all shocked by what happened to Peanut. She was a genuinely nice lady. It just goes to show you what drugs can lead you to. A dead boyfriend, life in prison and a fatherless child. I have a story about an ambulance attendant who got off a graveyard shift at Sunrise Hospital and stopped in a nearby bar, had a few drinks, got into his car and a woman cut him off and he shot her dead. The judge had to recuse himself. The dead woman was his girlfriend. I'll post that story. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Paul Walters 26/9/2016 · #3

Thanks @Jesse always a gritty read

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jesse kaellis 26/9/2016 · #2

Thank you, Gert. In a moment of passion, of rage, Peanut threw her whole life away and left a boy orphaned. I have another story about a young guy who took a little black girl into the washroom at the Primadonna Casino and raped and strangled her. He was also on meth. He got life without.
And I have other stories about spontaneous deadly violence. This is one reason I never allowed myself to have a gun in Nevada although they are easy enough to obtain. Almost everybody I knew in Vegas had a gun or several. Or three.Thanks for reading and commenting on my story. I appreciate it.

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Gert Scholtz 25/9/2016 · #1

@jesse kaellis I like these gritty realistic slices of life. Spellbinding and well written Jesse.

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