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Spa creature

Farina get's stomped to death in Goodfellas

Spa creature

Spa creature

Every job has politics. A dice pit is easier to negotiate. You can protect yourself better. It's out in the open and under intense surveillance. At a spa, there is little you can do. 

I mean these guys, Lee and Joey. See they would bad mouth me; subtly. This was after I realized what was going on and tried to fight back.

One time I had a guy, Dennis Farina. He was an ex-cop, Hollywood actor/ass hole, who had a TV show called Police Story. He got some movie work as well. I think it was called Midnight Run with Robert De Niro. He got some other parts, Goodfellas. Who knows; who cares.

I had him for an hour massage. I got a ten dollar tip off this guy, which was standard for Joe Blow. I wasn't too impressed. I don't think he even wanted me, but no one else was available.

These guys were telling people, "Oh, watch out for that Jesse guy. He's punchy." This got back to me later. I was in my booth massaging a guy and Al, one of the attendants, marched into my booth and started looking around on the little table where I kept my oil and towels. He's looking for the prior customer's keys. Remember the booths were open, just curtains. When Al came in there, I blew a fuse. I mean this was a setup. He was provoking me. Lee or Joey put him up to it. This was the kind of infighting going on there.

And no, I do not imagine this. Everyone who worked in Vegas spas is familiar with this stuff. Attendants always steal masseur’s tips if they can.

Joey was known to follow guys around endlessly. "Want some juice, how about some coffee, a towel?" Guys would get fed up. They would yell at him, "Here! Here're five bucks! Now leave me alone!" And Joey would be happy. He had no shame.

One time we had a spa meeting about a policy change. He showed up in a tailored black suit, white shirt, no tie, dripping in clunky rich man's gold jewelry. He was a little bald, fat guy but everyone got the message: "I'm a clown in the spa, but I got money, and I got power." He had power in that little world. 

While I worked at Bally's Celeste, quit and was replaced by a guy from Lake Placid NY. The guy had a management degree and had never even been to Vegas. This guy got played big time, but first, he was the cat's paw that Joey and Lee used to fuck me.

Right away they are whispering in this guy’s ear. "Watch out for this Jesse guy." This motherfucker cuts back my hours, and I was barely making it as it was. I plead with the guy; he says, "You can come in and do extra work on your weekends folding towels and what not…” 

This guy had pictures in his office of him in a Luge. This was his sport which to me always looked like a guy going down an ice tunnel in an open casket.


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Thanks, Lee. I have a name-dropping story. All the celebs that I massaged in Vegas and more importantly, how well they tipped me. I remember stuff like that.

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Thanks again for sharing my buzz, Javier.

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Thank you, Javier.