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Thanking my readers

I addressed this to my followers on Plenty of Fish, but it could just as easily apply to my readers here. 

Thanking my readers

Thanking my readers

I like to discuss my writing with my girlfriend. She is a collaborator in a sense. She saves my work and gives me feedback. And I value and trust her opinions. She will say, "Go back to Vegas. Write about a fight." She confirms my instincts.

This last one, Ron Dong..."What do you think?" "It's good." "What about the ending, the last part?" "Well, um..." "I better hang onto you. I'm finished with Plenty of Fish."

When I started this thread, I was not looking for catharsis. I don't care for that style of writing. But just the same I have had a catharsis. I didn't want this to be a survivor’s chronicle, but it may be unavoidable. 

I like my writing to be easy; easy for me, easy for you the reader. I don't want to suffer for my "art", I went through enough shit the first time around.

I've got a piece now; a time frame. But I'm stalling on it. I don't want to force it. I need to write it eventually. It's too significant in my life to leave out. I don't want to work at this stuff, but if I ever do have to work, the last thing I want is for it to show. 

If I didn't have an audience I would still write, but it wouldn't be as much fun for me, and I would be lonely. I want to thank you folks for following my stuff and in the spirit of the season, happy holidays.

Finally, this: Kelli, your love has been a benediction for me. I can't be all bad.

jesse kaellis 10/10/2016 · #5

I had many suspensions on the POF forums. I think my longest was 26 days. I heard about people getting ten years. The moderators were singularly unattractive assholes and Frind did away with moderators some time before he sold the site to
I don't even know if those Forums even exist or if they are attached to a dating site. The last time I checked it was the same old people with the same old presentations.
As far as being short, I can attest to getting laid in spite of my stature. Who even really cares? And you are right, height is not such an issue overseas. From what I understand.

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jesse kaellis 10/10/2016 · #4

Thank you, Javier.

Brian McKenzie 10/10/2016 · #3

@jesse kaellis I got banned off the site after publishing the results - seems it was 'Hate Speech' .... My Stats Professor thought it was admirable work and well cited and sourced - I received a nice fat A on it - the Oral presentation to a class of women in the MBA program went over like 2 tons of bricks..... but then reality usually does. PS - it is completely different overseas - nobody gives a shit about your height. It does not equate to your character, intellect, determination or savvy. Happier Abroad ~ Get Well, Keep Strong

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jesse kaellis 10/10/2016 · #2

Brian. I experimented the same way. Crouching down with no landmarks is another way. Here's the deal, Markus (the owner of the now absorbed Plenty of Fish -- bought it off Frind for a couple of hundred million) wouldn't show your profile to women even an inch taller than you are. And I was even shorter than you. It is much more telling online. Lying about income is easier. How are they going to know?
But when I went on disability, that was it! That was the end. I wasn't going to humiliate myself that way. See -- everybody online wants more than they think they deserve. Women who are sixes think they are tens. People get very picky online. It's analogous to ordering out of a catalogue. This little blurb was just a way to thank my readers even if it is "used" and perhaps that is disrespectful but it applies the same way.
Height is tricky to game about because eventually, they will want to meet you. I'm not going to leave the house looking like Micky Rooney and show up looking like George Clooney.
We may be short, Brian, but we are not stupid.

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Brian McKenzie 10/10/2016 · #1

to have a winning profile on POF - be tall. The number one indicator of unsolicited emails and returned responses is height. I gamed the profile with several 'fakes' using the same profile description and my photos - the only time I got any response, traffic or winks - was when I listed my height as 6-0. * how is this done? I had a friend with a slammed truck, I stood next to it - and we never showed the ground - I looked gigantic. When chumming the waters for 'fish' make sure you have the appropriate bait.....and make sure you are not in a stocked pond full of sucker fish ;)

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