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The sugar mommies

The sugar mommies

The sugar mommies

Primm developed three casino properties on the Nevada/California state line. The first of these was Whisky Pete's. Then across the interstate, he built the Primadonna. The Primadonna had a kind of 18th-century carnival theme with a big Ferris wheel.

Whisky Pete's was western themed and featured the Bonnie and Clyde death car, complete with bullet holes. There was an overhead tram from Whisky Pete's to the Primadonna; over the interstate. Or you could drive or walk under the freeway.

Buffalo Bills came online about three months after I started working at Whisky Pete's.

Buffalo Bills also had a western theme. The tree bar had a huge gnarly oak tree and a talking buzzard. There was a canal with little log boats running through the back of the casino. It featured the tallest roller coaster in North America at the time.

Kitchen workers and porters and low paid service workers could live out there in trailers. State line, the city of Primm was about 42 miles from Vegas. Driving west, you would hit Jean and the county prison, the Gold Strike, and Nevada Landing and after that nothing, until you reached state line. I could make the trip back in about 35 minutes in the morning, early morning, like 2:30 am, because there was no traffic. I could boot it.

Just before my working at state line there were some notorious murders out there. A young man was with his friend. He took a little black girl into the men’s room at the Primadonna. He took her into a stall and raped and strangled her. The case wa