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The true odds

Some will find this tedious. Dice is a complex game. Even in real time with a layout in front of a player, players would have a difficult time understanding even simple concepts about the game and how to bet straight foward pass line bets never mind the back line or proposition bets. The take away from this essay is what people call luck and the vagaries of fortune

The true oddsThe true odds

Dice is a complicated game, the fastest and most complex of all casino games. Craps is also the only casino game that pays the true odds, on some bets. Images of a pair of rolling dice are the quintessential image of chance. But what is luck, what people call luck? Let’s explore that here.

What about the law of averages? This is a misnomer. There is no law of averages; there is a theory of averages that does hold up over time. In other words, deviations from expected outcomes are merely minor fluctuations in a mean average of mathematical probability that holds up over time and circumstance.

Dice odds, the odds of a certain number rolling are structured like a pyramid. At the very top are 1/1, aces, and 6/6, twelve. There is only one way these numbers can come on a pair of dice. The odds are one in 36, one chance in thirty-six of expected outcomes or 35:1.

Below aces and twelve, is ace/deuce, the three; another craps number. This can come two ways; 1/2 or 2/1. The true odds are seventeen to one.

Eleven is not a craps number, and it is also not a point. Ele