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There is no luck

This is an elucidation of 'The True Odds' and there is some redundancy. Many of the ways to bet on a dice layout are redundant on purpose. The same way to lose your money -- faster. The Texas Station was one of the last joints I auditioned at. A solid buck ($100.00) a day in tokes. The shift boss watched me and filled out a recommend to hire form. I remember looking at the third base dealer, hesitating and pointing to one of her bets with the stick. I did it discretely. "We have triple odds here." "Oh! I'm sorry." She smiled at me, "That's okay." 

I couldn't get through corporate. That was my story in the end. I was ruined in Vegas. Every joint you worked at is on your gaming card which is attached to your prints. Nineteen joints in nine years. And then two more before I flunked out for real and forever. I was ruined. 

There is no luck

There is no luckThere is no luck; good or bad

What people call luck in regards to gambling are statistically insignificant fluctuations in a mean average of mathematical probability. There is no such thing as a law of averages; there is a theory of averages which does hold up over time and circumstance.

The frequency of outcomes on a pair of dice is influenced by the odds of a particular number rolling. There are thirty-six combinations of outcomes on a pair of dice. The true odds of the dice coming up twelve are one roll in thirty-six. Twelve can only roll one way: six/six.

Aces share the same odds. They can only come one way or one/one. You can bet twelve or aces on a dice table, a proposition bet, a one roll bet, and it will pay you thirty FOR one on strips odds, or thirty TO one downtown.

So even when you win, you lose. You’re losing six units. I thought I would point that out.

Seven is the controlling number in craps, seven it the strongest number. There are more ways to make a seven than any other number on the dice: 4/3, 3/4. 5/2, 2/5, 6/1, and 1/6. There are six ways; seven is all over the dice. This is one reason that casino people are notoriously superstitious because sometimes the odds inexplicably take a holiday.

The first time I saw this was on my first middle-level job downtown. I worked a game where the dice rolled numbers for over an hour, about an hour and twenty minutes. That was the longest run I personally ever dealt on, bu