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Tyson vs Tillman 1990

Tyson vs Tillman 1990

Tyson vs. Tillman, June 1990

Forman also fought Rodriguez on this card. Tyson was coming off his loss to Douglas and Rodriguez was Forman’s first top ten opponent; the first credible opponent on his comeback campaign. 

It was a sold out card in the outdoor arena at Caesars. The spa was busy that day, and it was my best day ever. I made about three hundred bucks; tips, wages, and commissions. Les, my juice, made about five hundred bucks just in tips. But he had been there longer and had a better request clientele. I had mostly requests but also some walk-ins. You can lose on those kinds of people. You don't need a room key to use the spa at Caesars. You can get people staying at the Excalibur or anywhere; stiffs.

I did about 12 rubs, massages. I had a busy day. The plan was to go over to the women’s side after work to watch the fight, party, and unwind. Both sun-decks looked west out the back and over the parking lot. But the men’s side didn't have a clear line of sight onto the outdoor arena because the parkade was in the way. The parkade and the Roman Tower. 

You could see the ring just fine from the woman's side, but without binoculars, they looked like a couple of ants getting it on; black ants.

We were sharing the one pair of binoculars, but in truth, nobody gave a shit because we were mostly just enjoying the atmosphere, the euphoria of making money. We were drinking beer; smoking pot. We're high; Vegas life.

Forman knocks Rodriguez out in two and Tyson disposes of Tillman in the first. The selling point of the card was Tyson coming off the devastating Douglas loss. Anyway just being Tyson he could sell out a card. People wanted to see him regardless. 

I don't even remember the undercard on this particular night. I do think there was some local talent on the card. I can't find the undercard even when I Google it.

I'm standing on the sun-deck back from the edge of the railing. It's still light out. I'm standing next to John McGarg, a masseur that I also worked with at Bally's. I turn to him, "Hey man, I'll give you two bucks for a half a Valium." I had run out. He very generously gives me a whole pill, and I pop it with a swig of beer.

Suddenly I look up, and I see something strange, a face peering over the edge of the flat roof. It takes about a millisecond to integrate what this means. Fuck! It's a security guard. He's got a little smirk on his face. A couple of other guard’s faces appear over the edge. 

I sound the alarm, and we all beat it out of there; a general panic. These other guys are heading for the elevators. I don't want to get stuck in there. I get an idea, and I head over to the men's side again and walk the hallway to the back and into my booth. It just has a curtain no door. I grab some towels and start folding. I got my heart in my mouth because of the drug activity. This could be serious. I could lose my job.

Shortly a guy comes, a security guy and asks did I see anyone? "No. I was here." And he leaves.

Well, I wait a while longer, and I meet up with some of those guys later at McGarg's apartment, and we continue with drinking and getting high and talking about the security and the next day -- Les got caught, and Joe got caught, and they got written up, and nothing came of it.