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You can never turn the other cheek

This isn't the actual picture of Rudy's shop but it was as close as I could get. Unless this is Rudy's shop. Maybe his business did well and he moved up. The store he had when we fought was out of a garage with a bay door. Once I was putting boxes away in our garage and the nephew came over to complain about the noise. We shared a wall. "What are you doing?" "Putting stuff away." Bully boys -- the pair of them. 

You can never turn the other cheek

You can never turn the other cheek with a bully

I was managing a small wholesale bakery in an industrial park in Northridge California. Northridge is famous for the big earthquake in 1994.

This bakery I was working at was a vendor for Trader Joes, a specialty foods store. We sold three products under their label.

The industrial park comprised various businesses; a fitness equipment wholesaler, a processed food manufacturer next door to us that made packaged salads and various other products and other businesses that I don't recall. Right, next door was Rudy's Upholstery.

Rudy was a six feet tall, slender, Hispanic man. He was maybe 180 lbs. He had a nephew working for him, a husky Hispanic kid, about 5'10" and maybe 230 lbs. This kid was about 18 years old.

Rudy was in his early forties and heavily tattooed. He had done time according to Sandra, the owner of the bakery I managed. And upholstery is a trade one learns in prison. 

A bakery generates a lot of garbage. We had several dumpsters available. I had all Spanish speaking ladies working for me. They would dump the garbage and come back giggling and telling me in broken English that Rudy was cussing them out.

I told Benny, the owner’s husband, and he said to ignore Rudy because we were entitled to the dumpsters. At any rate, in the interests of getting along with the neighbors I was using the dumpster around the back at the far end of the building, but one day it was full, and I had to use the front one that was close to the bakery and also that the upholstery place used.
Rudy starts cussing me out, and I diplomatically explained how the other one was full, but he just kept dissing me and all of a sudden I’d had enough and I advised Rudy to go fuck himself.

He came charging out of the open bay doors of his shop, and he did what I expected which was to put both hands on my chest and shove. Like a reflex, twitch, I threw a left/right and knocked him down. I watched as he got up. I was hoping that the knockdown took the fight out of him. But he wasn't hurt. He went down because he was too squared up.

I didn't kick or hit him when he was on the ground because I just can't do that. I didn't even want to fight, but he laid hands on me.

So he gets up, and we are exchanging, and he is getting the worst of it, so he tackles me and uses his weight. Now he's sitting on me. "LET ME UP!" "You gonna behave?" "Lemme up!”

I'm on my feet looking at him. I tell him, "I dropped you, Rudy." He's like, "So what?!" But I know it bothers him because I'm smirking.

I'm facing Rudy, and the nephew is on my right side. He unleashes a right hand on the side of my jaw. He says, "Now you're dropped!" 

I'm not hurt, but I'm indignant. I get up and look at the kid. "What are you doing? This is between him and me." I'm pointing at Rudy. He says some horseshit about how Rudy is "blood.”

I didn't want any part of that big kid. I was scared of him. I go into the bakery. I'm a little marked up, and the ladies are looking at me. I tell them to let me know if Rudy bothers them anymore. "You come right to me."

I go in the office and phone the cops, which I had decided do because of it being two on one.

The dispatch says they will send a car. I go back out to the dumpster and I stop and tell Rudy "Just you and me, anytime you want!"

He comes running out and we start fighting again. I get him in a death grip head lock and low and behold I'm stronger than this guy. I work in a bakery and all day long I'm lifting bags of flour.

We're on the ground. I'm in control, and I feel him getting weaker. He can't get out of my hold. 

The nephew puts his foot on the side of my head and tells me to, "Let him go." I don't so he's putting some weight on his foot, "Let him go!" So I let him up. We stand up, and there are about a dozen people from the various businesses around there outside watching.

I go back into the bakery, and then the cops arrive soon afterward. They talk to me. They talk to Rudy. There are no witnesses. Nobody saw anything. Most of the observers were Hispanic. You figure it out. Rudy says I started it. The cops say I can charge him and he can charge me.

I tell them that the only reason I called was that it was two against one. I ask the cops to talk to him and tell him to leave me alone. "I'll fight." That's what I tell the cops.

It was a male cop with a female partner. The man cop says, "You have a right to defend yourself." "Yes, I do." The female cop is writing my description, "…"

They leave, and everything settles down. Rudy left me alone. The nephew left me alone. 

It wasn't too long after that I quit the job and moved back to Canada.

You can never turn the other cheek with a bully.

jesse kaellis 21/10/2016 · #17

Thanks, Donna-Luisa. It's a little bit funny.

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 21/10/2016 · #16

#15 @jesse kaellis ..will be direct check it out

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jesse kaellis 21/10/2016 · #15

Thanks, Donna-Luisa, for liking my comments. I have a fresh story called "Shredded" (I shortened the title) it's funny. Check it out if you haven't read it yet.

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jesse kaellis 18/10/2016 · #14

You're welcome, Praveen. One more thing -- you HAVE to fight because even if you lose the bully will go for easier pickings the next time. As I said, I had an obligation to those ladies. I was in charge, and I had to deal with it. Rudy had a prison yard mentality.

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli 18/10/2016 · #13

Thanks Jesse for letting me in!

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jesse kaellis 18/10/2016 · #12

I didn't get hurt. Just marked up a little. Thanks, also for sharing my buzz, Donna-Luisa.

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jesse kaellis 18/10/2016 · #11

Donna-Luisa -- the man just pushed me too hard. I wasn't looking for a fight. I didn't like him picking on the ladies, on my subordinates, what kind of "man" picks on women? Rudy made me fight because he laid hands on me. That's an assault. It was also two on one -- what was wrong with them two losers anyway? I'm glad I fought back because I have to live with the memory.
I got a story out of it -- it's all grist for my mill.
Thank you, Donna-Luisa, very pleased that you have graced my boards again. You matter.

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jesse kaellis 18/10/2016 · #10

He was bullying my subordinates, bullying the ladies. I didn't even want to fight the guy but he pushed me too far. FUCK HIM! But, anyway, thanks for reading my story and commenting, Praveen. You are always appreciated on my boards.

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