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101 Resume Writing Tips for Career Change & Workforce Reentry Resumes

101 Resume Writing Tips for Career Change & Workforce Reentry Resumes

Whether you are a nomadic millennial, a member of the military looking to enter the corporate world, or a generalist becoming a specialist or vice versa, job searches by those shifting careers often encounter different challenges than those staying within the same industry. The further you move away from your current career, the longer your search is likely to take and finding a position may be even more difficult.

With this in mind, the following list of resume writing strategies is best for those changing careers, industries, or reentering the workforce after a period of unemployment. These resume tips are meant to help you create an updated resume with confidence so you can compete effectively in the career search marketplace.

To make it simpler to navigate these resume writing strategies, they have been divided into the major resume sections for you. My team and I have worked with thousands of clients over the last decade and this is our accumulated list of best resume practices when it comes to changing careers or reentering the workforce. Our aim is to assist you in achieving your career goals so we hope you find this comprehensive list helpful in doing just that. Get writing and best wishes in your career search!

Tips for Your Resume’s Contact Information

1. Ensure Your Name is Prominent

Your name is the very first place a recruiter scans, according to eye-tracking surveys of recruiters. To grab attention and for better readability, your name should be:

• In larger print than the rest of the content
• In bold font
• At the top of your resume and cover letter either left-justified or centered

2.  No Photos, Please

Human resources pros are taught to immediately eliminate resumes with photos to avoid any issues with discrimination, thus you should not include a headshot on your resume. There are two exceptions to this rule: One is if you are an actor/model and the second is if you work overseas and it is required in the country to which you are applying.

3. Include a Professional Email Address

You may need to create an entirely n