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5 Tips for Injecting Culture Fit into Your Resume and Cover Letter

5 Tips for Injecting Culture Fit into Your Resume and Cover Letter

Organizations are seeking top candidates who are a good “culture fit.” As a job seeker, to find a position and a company that you’re going to love and thrive in, you have to do your own vetting. When you identify the organizations you’re most interested in, it’s time to figure out how to tell your career story so it shows you will excel within the organization’s culture.

Identifying an Organization’s Culture

An organization’s culture is vital to grasp because your work experience could be miserable if you don’t. The culture gives you a strong clue to the personalities and interests of the people you’ll be working with and for. It opens your eyes to how an organization’s politics operate. If you’re a serious type A personality who prefers to work alone and are extremely competitive, you’re not likely to succeed or climb the career ladder at a very team-oriented company. Applying for a job where the fit isn’t right is a waste of your effort.

The most important step you can take to identify an organization’s culture is to read as much as you can about it. Read their website, blog, news articles about them, any quotes you can find on Glassdoor or in news articles from current or former employees. Find out what the organization’s mission is, what its current projects are, what it prioritizes in terms of services and products provided. Who are the organization’s target customers?

Anish Majumdar of Glassdoor suggests following all of the organization’s social media outlets, and Matt Krumrie of