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Assessing Your Career: Determining a Path to Your Next Professional Destination

Assessing Your Career: Determining a Path to Your Next Professional Destination

For many, the holidays are a time of great self-reflection as we prepare for a new year and a fresh start. As 2017 comes to a close, you may find yourself examining how the last year impacted your career and personal happiness. I start feeling excitement over a new beginning and planning my professional and business goals for the next year. If you're starting to assess 2017 in preparation for 2018 here are a few tips from two of my favorite recruiters and career experts. Use these tips to channel your personal insight into a career assessment and determine your next professional move.

Time to Reflect

Brian Howard, an executive recruiter and career transition coach who operates The Motivated Job Search website, recently published his fifth book: Motivated Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles: Insight, Advice, and Resume Samples Provided by Some of the Most Credentialed, Experienced, and Award-Winning Resume Writers in the Industry. He said the first step in a career assessment is to look inward. He added that a career assessment is really an assessment of what you're doing and if you're happy doing it.

"When you begin to get introspective, which happens a lot over the holidays, you can break it (your career) down," Howard said. He said when examining your career, consider the following:

    1.Are you happy? Do you have an emotional feeling that you are stagnant?

    2.Are you questioning whether you are providing value to your employer? Are you asking yourself if your function is still valuable and are you contributing to your company?

    3.Is your company healthy? How is it functioning? Have there been layoffs? Are they hiring new people? If you work for a public company, read the annual report. Sometimes just the summary can give you enough information.

    4.Is there growth in my industry? Are there new companies coming in? If so, that's a sign of a healthy industry. Is yours healthy?

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