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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Resume Writer?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Resume Writer?

Crafting a resume that will catch a potential employer’s eye takes a lot of time, attention to detail, and expertise—three things that most people searching for a job do not have. Enter, professional resume writers.

Professional resume writers are people who have dedicated their career to learn a craft that will help other people land the jobs they need. Although many people are very keen on the idea of a professional resume writer, most are not keen on the investment.

However, we are here to tell you that the results from hiring a resume writer will more than cover the investment. With the right resume writer, it is 100% worth it. If you are looking to hire a resume writer for your job search, here are some notes on what you can expect to spend.

How do you know whether you’re getting a good resume for the price paid?

Ever heard the saying you get what you pay for? It hold very true in the world of resumes. If you’re paying for a $50-100 resume you’re likely getting a template that has been used with thousands of other people (probably your competition) with your same content plugged into a dressed up format. On the other hand, if you’re investing $500+, committing to a 60-minute or longer telephone consultation and the process includes revisions and a guarantee with a trusted and certified resume writer you’re likely on the right path. In the world of resumes, writing services can range anywhere from $50-$500+. And, as you can imagine, the resumes priced on the higher end of the spectrum are much more likely to bring you a return on your investment.

Resume writing service prices are usually equal to the amount of time needed to create a truly distinctive and branded resume.

If you are an executive looking for a six-figure position you want a resume that positions you well for the role. I love the math Louise Fletcher of BlueSkyResumes uses in her article when she explains the investment. Here’s what she has to say:

Here’s a very rough ballpark way to estimate that payback time for your resume.

An average work year, taking into account holidays, weekends and vacations, is 2,000 hours (yes, I know you work a lot more than that! But let’s start there). So to calculate your hourly rate, just divide your salary by 2,000.

Now multiply that by 8 and you have your base daily salary.
So, an executive making $150,000 is making $75/hour or $600 per day.

At that rate, a $1,200 resume has paid for itself in just 2 days of employment. (And that doesn’t take into account bonuses, benefits, equity and other employment perks).

Guarantees Are Worth It

Reputable resume writing services generally offer a guarantee on their work. An example of a common guarantee would be free resume revisions or a rewrite if you don’t land an interview within 60 days. Some services offer complimentary job search coaching, too.

When looking for a resume writer to help you find a job, it’s important to remember price isn’t the only factor. I advise you to review samples of the resumes the service creates so you’ll know if the quality of their work aligns with your expectations. If you’re looking at resume samples and the quality is poor it’s a good sign to walk away. I also advise you to reflect on the investment in the terms of how many days of employment it would take to cover the price of the resume. A great resume can shorten your job search by weeks or months and result in a substantial increase in income more than covering the price of the service. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Here’s an example from a client of ours names Carlos:

“I tried your services blindly 3 years ago and after my initial results I utilized your services 3 more times as I sought growth in my career. Each time accounted for exponential and explosive growth. I went from making $50k to $175k in just 3 short years. I also saw a 30% increase and a two level bump. Excellent work. I now run a regional Logistics and Supply Chain network supporting operations in 12 states and an account valued in excess of $160M. My writer was able to portray my skills and personality on paper revealing my personal brand to the world. The document matched my personality to a T. Everyone I interviewed with saw me as a total package and complimented my resume for being concise and matching my personality and skillset. I have recommended your services to over 50 associates.” – Carlos Llanes