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Bear with Me...

Bear with Me...

Please Bear with Me as I create Honey. New to the Hives.

Hi! I'm Jess and I am a Content Writer and Social Media Influencer.

I have a BS in Business Administration with Major in Marketing. I spent 20 years in Corporate America in Procurement until I decided to do something on my own.

Each day, I wake up inspired and morivated about Life. I get creative, write, blog, chat, tweet and network each morning for a few hours. 

I write for Barbecue and Food @ . Dabble with Frugal Lifestyle on I truly believe in Working Hard and Saving Money for Early Retirement and/or Self Employment. 

Heavy Metal and Cult Film Lover @ 

I Cook and believe in living a Healthy Lifestyle. You can learn to Quit Smoking with me @ .

And I'm an Avid Pet Lover. You'll find some Articles I have written on .

You can Find Me or any of these websites on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler, StumbleUpon and Digg. If you are Interested in my Services, please contact me Direct or Learn How To Gain Followers on SM @ . 

Stay Tuned for more Posts on Interesting Topics, while I share my 25 years of experience with you! 

I can help with your Social Media Strategy or Content Writing Efforts anytime. Look forward to hearing from you!