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Things are Big in Vegas

Things are Big in Vegas

The Palazzo is a luxury all-suite casino hotel located at 3325 Las Vegas Boulevard right on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada that is the largest building in the United States. Upon its completion, The Palazzo ‒ its total floor area covering 6,948,980 square feet ‒ displaced the Pentagon as the largest building in the United States in terms of floor space by a margin of about 383,000 square feet. The all-suite hotel offers the largest standard accommodations on the Las Vegas Strip at 720 square feet per guest room. The hotel complex is named the largest hotel in the world by the Guinness Book of World Record. It is the tallest completed building in Nevada. The $1.8 billion resort features a lobby where guests from the street arrive beneath a 60-foot glass dome with a two-story fountain.The resort's 642-foot high hotel tower features 3,068 all-suite rooms and 375 concierge-level suites.

My wife and I stayed in one of the rooms on the 23rd story where we had breakfast overlooking The Wynn Golf Course.

Things are Big in VegasLas Vegas World's Largest Golden Nugget @ Golden Nugget Hotel. The world's largest gold nugget is on display in the back of the casino.The gold nugget was only 12 inches below the surface in a vertical position. The Hand of Faith is the biggest gold nugget in existence, the second-biggest ever discovered, and the biggest ever found with a metal detector near Kingower, Victoria, Australia on 26 September 1980 by Kevin Hillier, he sold his gold nugget to Golden Nugget for over $1 million over a decade ago. It weighs 61 pound 11 ounces. Today the gold content alone is worth over $1,250,000.

Things are Big in VegasThe Stratosphere Hotel.There are 3 intense rides on the top of the tallest hotel on the strip: Big Shot - Shoots passengers straight up 160 feet at 45 mph (over 4 Gs) until they are 1,081 feet above the Strip. X-Scream - A giant teeter-totter that propels you 27 feet over the edge of the Tower, 866 feet above the ground. Insanity, the Ride - A massive mechanical arm extends 64 feet over the edge of the Tower and spins you at a force of 3 Gs for a truly mind-bending experience. For the people who do not like rides but still want to do something at the top, there are shops and a great view.

Things are Big in VegasThe Love Theater is a 2006 theatrical production by Cirque du Soleil which combines the re-produced and re-imagined music of the Beatles with an interpretive, circus-based artistic and athletic stage performance. The show plays at a specially built theatre at the Mirage in Las Vegas. The Mirage houses 6,341 speakers and 2,013 seats set around a central stage. Each seat is fitted with three speakers, including a pair in the headrest. The sound system was designed by Jonathan Deans. The stage includes 11 lifts, 4 traps, and eight automated tracks and trolleys. Each lift is capable of lifting 20,000 pounds. 

We sat on the 20th row and I will say it was awesome with amazing sound and a 1st class act with over one hundred performers. When you are in Vegas it is a must see.

Things are Big in Vegas

A really big shoe In Vegas My daughter and wife.

The Adventuredome Theme Park @ Circus Circus. America's 2nd largest indoor theme park with 25 rides and attractions for all ages.

The College of Southern Nevada (the third largest community college in the United States by enrollment) is the main higher education facility in the city.The College of Southern Nevada is primarily a two-year college in Clark County, Nevada, with four four-year degrees in Dental Hygiene, Medical Lab Scientist, Respiratory Sciences, and Fire & Emergency Services Admin. Total enrollment 44,088 (2010)

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@Jim Cody Ahhhh, Las vegas. I city I thought was built especially for me. However when I eventually did get there I found nothing there...just BIG stuff. A whole city to which 60 million flock to each year and really, there's nothing there !!!