Unusual Cleaning Projects From Around The World

Washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning windows - we are often overwhelmed by our own household cleaning regimes. However, imagine being responsible for the cleanliness of tourist sights and public places - unimaginable! I am, frankly, amazed by the technical skills of the operatives and the complex logistics that goes into the following large-scale cleaning projects, and in this buzz I hope to open your eyes to an industry that is often in the background of society.

Unusual Cleaning Projects From Around The World

Cleaning on the high seas

In addition to transport and logistics, the maintenance of ships is one of the main tasks of naval freight organisations. Over time, mud and dirt accumulate on the hull of a boat and reduce the performance of the ship's engine. Higher fuel consumption, the emission of gases and the promotion of the harmful greenhouse effect are the result. In addition to this, organisations must fight mussel growth - that is the motto! This is best done by means of a high-pressure cleaning, which releases the stubborn dirt, and utilising cleaning agents.

But beware, the dirt is not to go back into the water! This is already a collecting basin for garbage and waste. Plenty of plastic drift in our oceans endanger the environment and living things. Approximately five billion plastic bags are consumed in Europe per year and account for 60% of the waste that is flushed to the European coasts.

Time to jump into the clean water! A new method, which promotes the preservation of clean seas, is currently taking place on the Internet. A state-of-the-art bucket-like technology, with the help of a pump and specially developed filter systems, continuously ensures that water is largely free of dirt. The so-called "Sea-Bin" is capable of separating water and oil from o