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How the focus on inclusion creates division

How the focus on inclusion creates division

I wrote this as a general piece; however, the concept is easily applied to business elements from staff to clients.

Humans have a basic need to belong to groups…. from family to communities to countries, we all seek to be part of a group. So how does the concept of inclusion work against our basic desire?

Part of being a member of a group is protection of that group and the smaller group always wins the strongest loyalty first. A parent will fight for their child even over what may be in the best interest of the community they are part of. A community will fight for what is best for them over what may be best for the province/state or country.

We have been creating so many groups over the years in the name of “rights” and “inclusion” that we have actually created divisions. Consider for example “Woman’s rights” groups… by definition all of the rights they complain about not having should be part of “Human rights”.  Consider “LGBTQ… rights” group rights... again, should they not be part of “Human rights”. What about “BLM”… is what they are looking for not applicable to everyone?  What about “men’s rights”… there is no real group, but why not, men have unique issues just as woman do. What about “Teen rights”… again unique issues but no group.

So now we have created “sub-groups” of “Human Rights” and entire groups that aren't even acknowledged, all fighting for their own group rather than working together to be part of the larger group. Just as the parent will fight the community for what they feel is best, the individual groups will all fight for what they feel is best while ignoring the larger “Human Rights” group. This leads to group against group, people feeling excluded and marginalized and general conflict.

By trying to be “inclusive” through the process of identifying unique needs based of groups of individuals we create division; every advantage given to one specific group in that group's name creates a perceived disadvantage for everyone outside that group.

Let forget about all the separate “rights” groups and work on creating an inclusive set of “Human Rights”. If everyone feels they are an equal part of the larger “Human Rights” group then the conflicts will dim