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A Brief And Kind Of Lopsided BeBee Conversation With Maria

A Brief And Kind Of Lopsided BeBee Conversation With MariaAs part of the beBee promotional posting I do over in the Lumpy Kingdom of The Microsoft Hamsters, I naturally get a lot of people a) wanting to link with me and b) with questions about beBee.

Fortunately there is a wealth of information available to send them. But this is also about keeping it personal, so I take the time to respond to everybody’s questions insofar as I am able.
This was a particularly interesting question from a lovely lady named Maria Fafard, who I assume, will be joining beBee in due course.

Message From Maria

Hi there Jim, hope you are having a terrific Saturday! I have a quick question for you: How do you define an audience when you say that you have built a bigger audience on BeBee than on LinkedIn?
I see that you have almost 3,000 followers on LinkedIn and less than 800 on BeBee, so I got curious. Thank you in advance for your response! ~ Maria

My Response To Maria

Hi Maria:
The reasons are simply these.
On LinkedIn only a very small percentage of my followers are notified when I post something on Pulse.
Also, a relatively small number of the people who follow me are actually active, which is pretty much true for everyone on LinkedIn.
On beBee there are many more active members. There is much more sharing via both beBee, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and because I post to three active hives, I get lots of views and comments from people who are not followers.
Your success on beBee doesn't 'just' depend on your following. It also depends on affinity ie: where you direct your posts.
Also, it's very easy to share your posts to Twitter, Facebook, LI and Google+ from beBee.
As a blogger it makes more sense to me to have my home base on beBee and share my posts to LI, as opposed to relying on LI for notifications of Pulse posts. In essence, I am my own notifications manager.
There are some people on LI who would disagree with this, but like anything in social media, it all depends on what you're looking for.
Microsoft is moving Pulse towards monetizing, so it will end up as a dump for Huff Post and Inc. etc. articles.
I predict there will soon be no point at all for independent long format writers to post on LI other than on their own walls.
I smelled this coming from a mile away and was one of the first bloggers on beBee. I have my own hive and am actively helping beBee attract users primarily from LI and Twitter. It's a lot of fun and I have a bit of influence of my own there too.
Unlike LI which was just a lot of frustration.
Just look at the numbers They don't lie.
I still think LinkedIn has value. But as beBee continues to build both its business and social bases, it's going to become a more and more serious competitor and ‘must- have’ adjunct to a lot of people’s social media activity.
Cheers Jim

Post Script

If you, as a beBee user, encountered questions such as this, please feel free to direct people to this post, or the one below, which contains links to a lot of the articles I have already done on beBee.

Knowledge is power and if beBee’s going to achieve the kind of growth we need to compete with the biggies, then every little nudge you can create in your network will have excellent value.

If your business has reached the point where talking to a communication professional would be the preferred option to banging your head against the wall or whatever, lets talk.

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Jim Murray 11/10/2016 · #9

#7@Phil Friedman I looked over the post and really never mentioned anything about notifications on beBee. Your points are well taken however, as always.

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Phil Friedman 11/10/2016 · #8

@Jim Murray, you and I are friends and comrades in keyboarding. So I will neither bother with nor insult you by including the ubiquitously recommended IMHO and with-all-due-respect disclaimers that are supposed to precede polite dissent. I will simply say outright and upfront, that your answer to Maria contains a statement that, at least by implication, fails to correctly describe the situation.

You say, "On LinkedIn only a very small percentage of my followers are notified when I post something on Pulse." Which is true and highly detrimental to a writer's being able to build and maintain a personal readership. Indeed, I have been one of the most vocal independent writers on LinkedIn on the topic of LI's arbitrary choking down of notifications to a writer's followers and connections. ( https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/arrogant-control-leadership-social-media-anywhere-else-phil-friedman ).

However, it should be noted that at this time, beBee DOES NOT NOTIFY ANY of a writer's followers of new post by that writer, unless that follower elects to follow the writer's "blog" listings by email (a feature that shows up on the writer's Producer archive page, but which I am not sure is even operative at this time).. Continued pt II ...

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Phil Friedman 11/10/2016 · #7

Jim Murray - Part II --- What beBee management guarantees to do is to "distribute" 100% of a writers posts to 100% of the writer's followers 100% of the time. But as far as I can make out that means putting the post into the follower's feed (or on his or her "wall", however you prefer to put it). Unfortunately, with the growing traffic being routed into everyone's respective feeds, the chances of a follower seeing a new post have dropped significantly since new additions get quickly pushed down in the stream, and one needs to spend a lot of time scrolling not to miss a lot. The remedy, of course, is for people to selectively filter their feeds, so they begin to see primarily that in which they are most intested.

That said, here is an ancilary question: I have approximately 550 followers on beBee (about 3,500 on LinkedIn). When I publish a post on beBee it is supposed to be shared to all of my followers. Yet the stats for "views" often remains at less than that for a measurable period of time. Does that mean putting that post into the respective feeds of my followers does not register a "view"? And if not, how in fact does a "view" get registered? Thanks and cheers!

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Wayne Yoshida 11/10/2016 · #6

Thanks for sharing this message, Jim. And now with a bunch of new features, based on our input - plus something "secret" coming soon - beBee could indeed be The One manndatory social media outlet.

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Don 🐝 Kerr 11/10/2016 · #5

This absolutely mimics my experience on beBee vs. LI. You are rapidly becoming the sage of this platform @Jim Murray. Will share and cross promote.

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Paul "Pablo" Croubalian 11/10/2016 · #4

Maria has been here for a little while. She comes and goes. When someone is very used to the way LinkedIn works, they have difficulty understanding that beBee is NOT a clone.

beBee works differently. For most, it works better. In fact, it may work too much better. So much so, that doubt kicks in. Are we really getting shafted that badly on the other one?

Yes, we are.

Still, there's a learning curve as there is for anything.

As a newcomer to this whole social media thing, (barely 18 months total ) I came with no preset expectations or assumptions. I see that beBee's methods make it the easiest platform on which to get up and running.

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Kevin Pashuk 11/10/2016 · #2

So. now we have the beginnings of an advice column? Dear Uncle Jim. Should I wear a polka dotted tie with a checkered shirt? Signed Dizzy by Design.

Seriously though, an accurate (in my experience) description of the difference between a LI contact and a beBee contact.

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Javier 🐝 beBee 11/10/2016 · #1

Thanks @Jim Murray for sharing your explanation with us !

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