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America & The Crumbling Tower Of Bullshit

America & The Crumbling Tower Of BullshitI’m one of those assholes who pays attention to what’s going on insofar as that is possible.

It’s not a very rewarding job. In fact it’s not really a job at all. It’s a fucking survival mechanism.

One of the key things I have noticed from all this paying attention is that there is a much bigger tower of bullshit out there than there ever was, and it appears to be growing larger every day.

A lot of this bullshit is manufactured by people who have sold their pathetic souls for a few pieces of silver and are perfectly content to spread lies and work to incite insurrection and division in various cultures.

All this bullshit only has one objective and that is to confuse people, the majority of whom are already pretty fucking stupid to begin with, for the express purpose of some fucked up political agenda.

In America (and Canada to some extent) that agenda is primarily to spare the rich from paying taxes, retooling their businesses to make them greener, or paying the slaves who work for them decent wages.

And this is why you end up with people like Donald Trump in positions of power. He was put there by the rich to protect their interests. The trouble with that is that they could have done the same thing with any number of Republicans who were running for president. But they picked the craziest one because they thought he would be the easiest to manipulate.

And he was, by far. But what they didn’t count on was the abject level of stupidity that Trump, driven by his ego and probably some brain disease of some sort, was able to achieve.

And now, over the past couple of weeks, the shit has really hit the fan and the American people, who have proven they will put up with a lot of bullshit, appear to finally starting to admit that enough is enough.

So now all the rich people are in panic mode, because it looks very much like a change is afoot that will force them to start paying their taxes and their people a living wage and, most importantly, force them to quit poisoning the planet.

It hasn’t happened yet, but all the signs are there. The stranglehold that Trump has on the Republican party is starting to weaken. Politicians, who are terrified that all the payola they have been taking and the insider trading they have been doing will be uncovered, are starting to jump ship.

It is a wonderful combination of amusement, disgust and karma.

It’s enough to make any Liberal minded person who is paying attention feel like the tide is finally starting to turn.

I personally don’t give a shit what happens to Trump. Because if he is smart about it, he will make some sort of deal early next year, resign and go back to New York where he can continue ruining businesses, fucking over contractors, laundering money for the Russians, exploiting immigrants and shitting on a golden toilet in his tower.

But of course, he won’t…because he’s an idiot.

Unlike most observers, I don’t believe that this aberration will have a lasting impact on America.

Because if there is one thing that country has proven to the world it is that it can basically survive anything, even tower of bullshit that will hopefully come crashing down over the coming winter.

jim out

Jim Murray Oct 2, 2019 · #6

#5 Don Philpott whoever he is appears to be quite taken with the correctness of all that's going on in the shithole AKA Trump's America. Unlike Don, I go there frequently and have a lot of friends who do as well, and can't tell you how many times Canadians are apologized too by embarrassed Americans. This is a country that has lost its direction thanks to fake news and a president who at best is mentally ill. This will be fixed because if its not then, we are all eventually fucked. One of my few fears in life in being killed by an idiot. That's a very real fear these days.

Paul Walters Oct 2, 2019 · #5

#3 @Don Philpott☘️ I almost never comment on other people's political bent...its simply not worth it. However, quoting Donna - Brazille's silly poll ( how big was the sample to achieve that response?) is pretty lame. And what is happening over at Fox News? King Rupert has always been rather good at picking the right horse in a race and then ensuring it wins. I get the distinct feeling that given the change of rhetoric from that particular mouthpiece that he is changing his alliance

Don Philpott☘️ Oct 1, 2019 · #4

Click the link Jim : https://twitter.com/RealMiniAOC/status/1176903864194236417 - you'll smile :)

Don Philpott☘️ Oct 1, 2019 · #3

He was put there by the rich to protect their interests." Have "we" any proof here (...you know simple facts) Are there 60 million rich Americans? Because I thought he was put there by " know nothing poor white yokels," or is it your usual verbal incontinence talking? Answers on a stamp accepted. You know American jobs have increased measurably (the stats exist), you know that, of course. You know about the Donna Brazille poll two days ago https://www.waynedupree.com/donna-brazile-fox-news-twitter-poll you know about Epstein (I know, you rarely research anything), etc.

Don Philpott☘️ Oct 1, 2019 · #2

"I’m one of those assholes who pays attention to what’s going on insofar as that is possible." Flicking the channels on your remote is not paying attention., that's called "channel surfing. "Always happy to help the aged. Two thumbs up!

Pascal Derrien Oct 1, 2019 · #1

Yeah the sooner this particular era ends the better hoping the follow up will be decent enough to mend the US now I am not too sure about that either 🤔