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Confessions of A Cardboard Box Junkie

We are on our 9th move. Hopefully this will be the grand finale. But that’s what I said about the last one, and even the one before that. Go figure. It’s never over until you expire, I guess.

Confessions of A Cardboard Box JunkieI woke up this morning to a house full of boxes.
I am temporarily obsessed with boxes because we have to put all our stuff in them over the next three weeks and then one day later start taking all our stuff out of them again, 75 miles away.
Filling the boxes is something that requires a certain amount of precision, at least if you are as anal about it as I am.

Supermarket Boxes

I get my supermarket boxes at No Frills, which is the only supermarket chain in my area that actually has bins for them behind their cash registers.
Now these boxes are supposed to be for people to put their groceries in. But I don’t give a damn about them. I’m a box junkie and my needs come first.Confessions of A Cardboard Box Junkie
There are two kinds of supermarket boxes I like the best. There are the small boxes, the ones that originally held 6 big bottles of fabric softener or household cleaning stuff etc.
These boxes are made of stronger cardboard and are good for books.
We have a lot of books. I’m not sure why we have so damn many books. My wife reads everything on her iPad and I’m a paperback guy. Yet we have close to 500 really freaking heavy coffee table books that go with us everywhere.
The other supermarket boxes I like are the ones that are designed for paper towels, toilet paper etc. These boxes are good for clothes, blankets and pillows and can be jammed in between stuff in the mover’s truck because they’re soft.
Like books, I’m not sure why we have so damn many pillows either. I don’t even sleep on a pillow, but a 6 inch cylinder of foam, like in Star Trek.

The Imagination Is Dead

Confessions of A Cardboard Box JunkieWhen the house was being staged for sale, the stager brought in about two dozen pillows and asked us to take our pillows to the storage locker along with our dining room chairs, occasional chairs and most of the art we had hanging on the walls. which she replaced.
So I needed to cop some boxes for all of those things as well.
The stager, who is a very nice lady, was aiming to make our house look as generic as possible.
There was a time when you could show people around and just ask them to imagine what it would look like with their stuff in it. And they could do that.
But for some reason, that set of brain cells no longer exists in most people.
I guess it’s a side effect of the dumbing down of society that I occasionally write about.

Street Boxes

When you are in box junkie mode, any source will do. Every night at 9:00 or after we head out and cruise the Danforth and then Queen Street looking for boxes that have been put out for recycling.
Every once in a while you will find some damn fine boxes in front of a small apartment. These are the remnants of a recent move. I found about 20 of those the other night. Last night, I found about 25 toy boxes in front of Mastermind on Queen Street. So my addiction is under control for the moment.
But you go through these boxes fast. Like cheap heroin.

The Holy Grail of Boxes

Confessions of A Cardboard Box JunkieIf I could only have one kind of box (besides the big ones), it would definitely be the boxes you get at fruit and vegetable stores. These are the boxes that once contained oranges, lemons or grapefruit.
These are two piece boxes. The bottom piece is for your stuff. The top piece fits right over the bottom piece, thus creating a cardboard Fort Knox for whatever is inside. These boxes are also easy to carry because they are smallish and they stack like a dream.

The 8 Beatitudes Of Boxes and Boxing

These will be especially useful for all you Americans who are now contemplating their migration to the Great White North.
1. Pack the books first. It’s the biggest pain in the ass part of the moving process.
2. Make sure you fill the boxes so they stack. The movers love that.Confessions of A Cardboard Box Junkie
3. Put all the stuff you are going to need for the first night or two in a big suitcase.
4. Rent a van to move all your TV and computer stuff, your plants and anything that will break easily. Let the movers deal with the rest.
5. Put all your boxes in one place close to the door so the movers can put them in their truck first.
6. Always make sure that whatever you put in a box fits snugly and allows you to close the box completely. Not doing so is the best way to lose stuff or have it smushed by the movers.
7. Always smell the boxes you take and look for evidence that something has rotted in them. You don’t want those boxes.
8. Avoid buying boxes at all cost. Most of the ones that the moving and storage places sell are crap.

I could tell you a lot more about these boxes, but I am burning daylight here and I need about thirty or so more before I have enough.

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Confessions of A Cardboard Box Junkie
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Harvey Lloyd 15/11/2016 · #12

This seems like a prologue to how my box addiction lead me to become a storage and transfer engineer. Boxville and the move rank right up there with tooth pain and constipation. There is a secondary feature to the move, settling in to the new place. Furniture doesn't match, curtains and many other items to sort. Good luck with the move.

+1 +1
Paul Frank Gilbert 15/11/2016 · #11

Hopefully technology will help with some of these issues. We will simply take a virtual walk through a house and see the colors and furniture and things we want ... relying less on the homeowner to stage or otherwise clean the place up!! Could make for some interesting reality checks when you actually show up!! Good luck on the move. I too have moved ... a lot. From one end of the country to another and from county to county ... the easiest way I found is with the moving pods. They drop them off at your house ... you fill them up they store and ship ... a HUGE improvement. As for those books ... my wife and I have a huge library of books and our flat spaces are filled with them ... something about leafing through a book ... the smells, the tactile engagement ... old.

Donna-Luisa Eversley 15/11/2016 · #10

@Jim Murray..hahaha, you are the only one I know who can have my immagination and brain cells on overdrive..haha😁. Wow, this reminded me of the real reason behind boxing day ( not just a holiday), a time when stuff is packed to give away, or something close to that, I think.
Sheer creative dragon you are, making boxes so fantastic. Going to read again, cause I really want to laugh more 😉😁🤗🐝🐝


Moving is way too stressful. The right boxes are helpful, indeed. When I was transferred from Jax, FL to Atlanta, my employer offered a relo package. I was more stressed then if we packed up the stuff ourselves. We could have built a house out of the boxes they used. We have a lot of hardback books too, which some we donated. I don't know why we keep them except they seem to be comforting. Good luck!

+2 +2
Nikki Petersen 11/11/2016 · #8

ooh, I love cardboard boxes! They're great for building things.

+2 +2
Pamela 🐝 Williams 11/11/2016 · #7

With you on the fruit boxes! Since most of the time I moved myself (single parent thing) those were the perfect size for my book collection (we all have them) and that I could carry comfortably. When young and my family moved from California to Tennessee our moving truck wrecked (turned on its side) just 10 miles from its destination. The upright piano suffered the most damage, it came down on boxes, and...this still makes me cry; my sister's entire record collection was crushed. Over 200 vinyl albums, all original stuff; Rollings Stones, Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix; autographed at one of his last concerts, etc, etc. If they were big in the 60s my sister had the album....oh wait, am I going to cause you nightmares? :-)

+1 +1
David B. Grinberg 10/11/2016 · #6

Jim: first and foremost, good luck with your move. Second, it's been said that moving can be one of life's most stressful experiences. Third, don't let all those boxes make you feel boxed in! Good luck, my friend and thanks for finding time for this buzz.

+3 +3
Don 🐝 Kerr 10/11/2016 · #5

#4 Day late and a buck short. Story of my life!

+2 +2