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Is America Finally Waking Up?

Is America Finally Waking Up?Dave Chappelle, who I consider to the modern day Richard Pryor, was on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert a while back and they were talking about, guess who.

Now after the election Chappelle was one the relatively few celebrities who came out and asked everybody to give the new president a chance to prove himself.

That, of course, didn’t didn’t really happen because it’s been nine months and no major agenda items have gotten anywhere. But when Colbert brought that up and asked Chappelle what he thought about all that has or hasn’t happened, his response was interesting.

He thought about it for a moment and then pointed out that the only good that’s come of all this fiasco is that there is that a hell of a lot more people who are aware and engaged in the political process than there probably ever have been in quite some time.

And this, ‘awakening’ that we are seeing has led to what is, hopefully, the beginning of series of reality checks for the Republican party.

This mob of obstructionistas has, in great part. been plugging their noses and closing their eyes to the reality that the leader of their party not only lacks the price of entry leadership skills that a president requires, but that he is also a simpleton who has no grasp at all on the complexities of the issues he has to deal with.

He also a leader who has been unable to fulfill any important election promise. He has alienated every minority in the country, despite his promises to support them. And he is a president who refuses to believe that the buck actually does stop with him, blaming both his own congress and senate and the Democratic party for every single lick of trouble he is in through his morally bankrupt style of governing and his uber-big mouth.

So now, as we approach 2018 and a series of important mid-term elections, we find a whole heap of Republican incumbents and new candidates, who have hitched their wagon to the current administration, with nothing to talk about, in terms of the amazing job they’re are doing in Washington.

And they are now campaigning to what, in many cases, is a very angry electorate. People who have been promised big tax breaks, more affordable health care, infrastructure re-building programs and the jobs that go with them and a better life for themselves and their families.

None of this is currently available to them. And doesn’t really look like it ever will be. So you can hardly blame them if many of them are pulling or threatening to pull the plug on their support.

I like to think of it in terms of an awakening, and that many of the people who took Dave Chapelle’s advice, or at least thought the same way, have come to the end of their willingness to let their president grow into his job.

They have seen that it is what it is, and it will not change for the better, only the worse, as time goes by and nothing gets achieved outside of perhaps a war with North Korea.

I don’t think the American people are stupid. I think that in the last election they came to the belief that the Washington status quo needed to be shaken up.

I just don’t think they ever saw any of this ineptitude and an even higher level of corruption coming. And maybe that’s the downside of being too close to an issue.

But, having said all of that, this past week, with the Democrats being able to flip almost 30 Republicans out of power across all levels, one could hope that this is the beginning of a backlash against the current paralyzed situation in Washington.

As another great comedian, Bill Maher is fond of saying…”I don’t know this for a fact but it sure looks that way.”

jim out

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Lisa Gallagher 11/11/2017 · #5

Oh I believe there has been an awakening. Never, ever, take a politician at his word, follow up with tons of research. People are ( I hope ) being more careful about fact checking articles too. There will always be party liners... they hear only what they want and that want. The Tea Party began this insurgence and they aren't mentioned by that label anymore... but no one should be fooled, they ARE the ALT right, party of Palin, Michelle Bachman and Steve Bannon... I can only hope when elections come up that US Citizens really do their home work and leave ideology in their bedrooms.

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Brian McKenzie 11/11/2017 · #4

White men that hate Communism are a minority in America.

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Jerry Fletcher 11/11/2017 · #3

Jim, Never give up hope. The American electorate refuses to make the same mistake serially. We have, I believe, a one-term president this time which is unusual. We are two major elections away from what could be a whole new ball game. My greatest concern is that the professionals in government will all quietly move to the "private sector" due to the incompetence of the appointed officials. That could be a nightmare!

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Jim Murray 10/11/2017 · #2

#1 Thanks @Lisa Vanderburg. We share the same hope. I do think that change is necessary, but it's gonna take some time to overhaul that system.

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Lisa Vanderburg 10/11/2017 · #1

An excellent summation of the current situation; I very much enjoyed this buzz! And you're right @Jim Murray - the resulting political education for so many Americans because of Trump, is the best possible outcome. Before, so many were complacent to say the least - a 'damned if you do or damned if you don't' care approach.
So this wretched man Trump will (God-willing) leave a legacy of THINK. No matter that the Dems had a unsavory and unwanted opponent, it the Trumpet being POTUS has got better billing that the best catastrophe movie ever!
I'm hoping that the whole electoral system gets an overhaul and brings a more intelligent and brighter bunch of candidates as a result. But that would mean capping lobbyists....good luck on that one!

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