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Our Business Philosophy...Find Hole Then Fill It.

Our Business Philosophy...Find Hole Then Fill It.

If you are like so many business owners and professionals today, you have a bit of a jaundiced streak. Granted, you acquired it quite naturally because there is so much in the way of empty promises and vacuous biz-speak floating around. It's almost impossible to find the straight goods and the real insights any more. We know. We looked.

That is why, about a year ago, we decided to create a business service that was a little different from what most people expect.

You see, we believe, irrespective of whatever government is in power, the smaller and medium-sized businesses are the real backbone and the real engine of both the Canadian and US economies.

In our opinion, this sector needs nurturing and could benefit from the kinds of professional services that the business consulting industry offers. Unfortunately, most in this sector do not have the larger budgets necessary to afford the kinds of deep professional services required.

But since we are both experienced business professionals and serious students of the business market, we took on the challenge: to figure out how to combine a high level of professional consulting service at a fee structure that fits the small and medium-size businesses.

Along the way, a few things occurred to us that helped shape our focus.

1. Most reputable business consulting firms have fee structures scaled to larger national and multinational businesses, and because of their own size, cannot really afford to service a great many of the smaller businesses. Therefore, if we were to create an entity that worked on a more common sense, organic approach to problem solving, and we priced these services at affordable rates, we could be an ideal solution for a lot of small to medium-sized businesses.

2. If we could offer the economies of scale of a service company that dealt with both the systemic problem solving and the marketing and communications programs that would naturally flow from these solutions, we could save our clients so much time in terms of supplier sourcing and juggling.

3. If we held to the idea of hands-on ‘personalized service’ as opposed to growing into a project management entity, we could keep our rates affordable over the long ha