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Rebranding An Excellent Construction Management Company

Rebranding An Excellent Construction Management CompanyHistorically, the best way to get people to understand what you do is by sharing actual experiences. This is one of the more memorable from the hundreds I have had since starting my creative services business in 1989.

Interior Dimensions...Brits With A Big Idea.

Fresh out of the agency world of consumer advertising, this was one of the first projects I worked on that was strictly business to business. This was a family owned and run business. But the owners were genuinely people of vision. Their construction management technique, which they developed in England and brought to Canada, was completely unique in our market at the time.

The Case History

THE CLIENT: Interior Dimensions is a privately owned, multi-faceted construction management company that specializes in moving businesses from one office tower to another, or helping them expand or renovate their existing space.
PROJECT 1: An information-based marketing program for a subsidiary they had developed called, the Small Projects Group. The essence of this was that they bought up the service contracts from a great many of the best known office suppliers, like SteelCase, Hermann Miller, Hunter Douglas, etc.
This would put their people into working relationships with facilities managers all across the downtown core, and build substantial awareness for the company. So when it came time for a move or a renovation, they would be very much top of mind. I thought this was a brilliant marketing idea.
This project was executed in direct mail and through a scripted telemarketing campaign. We also designed special T-shirts and hats for the workers to wear around the offices they visited.
PROJECT 2: After the marketing for this project was up and running, we started the second phase of the larger branding program with a complete renovation of the company's corporate identity. This included. logo evolution, positioning line development, corporate identity and proposal materials, collateral and direct marketing materials, telemarketing scripts and trade advertising.Rebranding An Excellent Construction Management Company
EXECUTION: The brochure you see here was one of the dozens of marketing pieces we developed and time-released to facilities & property managers, commercial real estate brokers & developers, architects, spec writers and corporate decision makers, all of which was packaged in 2 separate binders.
I worked directly with the owner, Robert Horwitz over a two year period, during which time, I also catalogued and migrated all materials from my Mac system to their PC system, in order to facilitate the internal development of sales support material and the creation of customized proposals
1.This branding/marketing program, coupled with an excellent sales force effort, was extremely successful, (200% above projection in year one), allowing the company to expand their size in terms of number of employees, their sales volume and the breadth of services they could offer their client companies.
All the marketing materials I created for them, were now available for cost effective, customizable re-printing in-house. I even trained one of their employees on working with their desktop publishing program, so that she could adapt materials seamlessly going forward.Rebranding An Excellent Construction Management CompanyCONCLUSION: This was a fascinating project and working with a true entrepreneurial genius like Mr. Horwitz was a joy as well as a great learning experience. The working relationship we developed was one of the best I had ever had. He made it easy for me to do good work, by providing me with business insights and directions that I could really sink my teeth into, while respecting my ability to create highly workable solutions.

The Spooky Part

At the time, this company was located at 980 Yonge Street in Toronto, on the 4th floor. Oddly enough, Mr Horwitz' office was in exactly the same location as the office I occupied at Vickers & Benson, (my first real agency job), some 16 years earlier.

Rebranding An Excellent Construction Management Company

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David B. Grinberg 22/9/2016 · #4

Nice buzz, @Jim Murray. Excellent lessons learned. I shared in three other hives.

Randy Keho 22/9/2016 · #3

Thanks, @Jim Murray, you always share the best examples of how projects evolve. Training that in-house person to work with the desktop publishing program was an invaluable contribution to their business moving forward. Many organizations are shelling out substantial funds to outsource that type of activity today, which has expanded to include numerous forms of social media and websites. I, for one, am glad they do.

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Kevin Pashuk 22/9/2016 · #2

It's not a good story without a bit of 'spooky'. I've treasured the times in my career when I was able to work with, or even work under visionaries and innovators.

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Nice buzz, Jim. Good working relationships make the day go by fast and the job worthwhile.

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