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Spring Fever. Four Weeks Of Lethargy Whether I Need It Or Not.

Spring Fever. Four Weeks Of Lethargy Whether I Need It Or Not.

Spring fever.

This is an affliction that has happened to me ever since I can remember at this time of year. ]

Here’s how it works.I’m anxious to get out there and do lots of outside stuff, but I expect it to be nice and balmy when I do.

But it’s spring, which means some days are like summer and some days are like winter. And there are too few of the former and too many of the latter IMHO.

As a result of this emotional turmoil, I tend to just say fuck it and not do anything till it’s balmy all the time. And then I get restless and bored because I’ve run out of inside things to do and so I just sit around and eat popcorn, watch sports or whatever and cause trouble on social media.

In the early spring, for reasons unknown to me, I keep forgetting that I’m Canadian and have gone through a whole Canadian winter doing al kinds of outside shit and it didn’t phase me in the least, except on the uber freeze the nuts off a brass monkey days.

I forget to tell myself that even though it’s not summer, it’s definitely not winter so I should be happy about that. And, you know, I would do that if I wasn’t under the lethargic throes of spring fever and don’t feel like doing anything in particular.

One of the things that exacerbates my spring fever is that I’m never quite sure what to wear when I go outside. You would think that I’d have figured this out after all the springs that have come and gone.

But no. I am always either over or underdressed and because I ride my bike most of the time, I never figure out which until I have gone gone down to the first east-west street and can really feel the wind and true temperature of the day. So I usually end up turning around had heading back home to re-think my wardrobe selection.

I have done this more times than I care to admit. And it’s a pain in the arse.

Another indicator of spring fever is the strange restlessness that I get knowing I should just be attacking the great outdoors and I’m just being a wimp about it if I don’t.

This is technically just a side effect, but it’s the one that taunts me into taking the car inside of my bike when I want to go somewhere. And it has the net result of making me feel like a weenie.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been looking at the long term forecast and it would appear that by the middle of next week, the temperature should be getting up into the lower range of balmy and my spring fever will start to dissipate.

This is pretty much right on schedule, give or take week. And I have to tell you, I will be glad to see this over and done with.

I’m tired riding my stationery bike for exercise and breathing recycled furnace heated air, which really is the juice that powers my spring fever.

This post doesn’t have an ending, because I have no words of wisdom to pass along about how to manage spring fever if you have been getting it yourself. Spring fever is like a spring cold. You can take all kinds of crap to con yourself into believing you helping lessen its severity, but in the end you just have to tough it out till things warm up.

The best I can do is suggest that you don’t eat too much popcorn. Voice of experience.

Have a great Sunday. Watch the Masters. I think Tiger Woods just might win it.

PS: Lots of rain in the forecast, so I’m not going anywhere.

jim out

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This is when I start taking allergy medicine

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Jim Murray 2 d ago · #4

#3 Cool.

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#2 Saw it after I posted my comment!

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Jerry Fletcher 2 d ago · #1

Jim, Tiger did win it. Damn that was one exciting round! I thought it would never happen again. But it did. And so it goes.