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Superhero For The Week Of October 20/19 - Elon Musk

This is the second in what will hopefully, through the winter, be a series of posts on people who IMHO quality for superhero status in our culture.

Most of the news we hear these days is all about the bad guys. The schmucks, the crooks, the deranged and other outlaws. I thought it would be cool to zig away from that and talk about the people who are making a genuine positive difference in the world.

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Superhero For The Week Of October 20/19 - Elon MuskElon Musk is one of the world’s best good guys. He is a true visionary in a world where a lot of people claim that title, but few of them live up to it.

Over the course of the last 30 years he has built about a dozen incredible businesses, all designed to be of real benefit to all the underserving fools who clutter up this planet. That would be us.

Elon Musk is one of those rare individuals with a solid mastery of both left and right brain thinking. So he can come up with amazing ideas and then figure out how to actualize them in ways that are affordable, which is hardly ever the case with most big idea thinkers.

He is also a master at spinning, by which I mean seeing whole other industries that could be spawned by a good fundamental idea. His career has been spent connecting dots like that in a profitable and extremely beneficial way to the point where you could argue that there is a great deal of inter-connectivity in everything he has been responsible for inventing or building.

On top of all this this, his philanthropy both on a business and human level is astonishing. He is singlehandedly making it easy and cost effective for the entire electric vehicle industry to expand by literally giving away the design for the technology to power the vehicles of the future, thereby reducing development costs and making it incredibly easy for people to start their own brands as part of the larger industry. It also opens up a good deal of lateral application thinking that will benefit the world in many other ways.

Most recently, he is in the process of helping the city of Flint Michigan, whose water system is completely fried, rebuild that system when both the state and Federal governments have completely ignored this city and its plight.

This will no doubt lead to innovation that he will be perfectly willing to share to help other cities (and there are a lot of them) in the same predicament.

Elon Musk’s story is one of constant innovation attached to incredible vision about how to make things better here on earth and how to get us to other planets as well. I may not be around to see the other planets stuff actualized, but I’m pretty sure that he will.

As you will see in his Wiki bio, (link below) this guy is the real deal and most assuredly, one of a kind. Generous in a world filled with greed. Visionary in a world filled with con men. And a real human being at the high end of the business food chain that is mainly filled with predatory beasts.

That’s way more than enough to make him a Superhero, not just for this week but for many years to come.

Elon Musk’s illustrious history, which makes for fascinating reading, can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elon_Musk

PS: I just found out yesterday that Tesla has posted its first profitable quarter, earning $127 million.

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Victor Alston Oct 28, 2019 · #8

Thanks for sharing!

Paul Walters Oct 27, 2019 · #7

@Jim Murray Thanks for this piece on my favourite guy !!

+1 +1
Jim Murray Oct 26, 2019 · #6

#5 Thansk, @Jerry Fletcher. Hopefully I can find enough good guys to get me through the winter.

Jerry Fletcher Oct 26, 2019 · #5

Jim, Great idea to take pen in hand and talk about the good guys. A very worthwhile read. And so it goes.

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Jim Murray Oct 26, 2019 · #4

#1 Thanks Michael. I'll try not to get laryngitis.

Jim Murray Oct 26, 2019 · #3

#2 Yeah, I read about that somewhere. Bot the donation,b ut the bullying. Thansk @Ian Weinberg.

Ian Weinberg Oct 26, 2019 · #2

Word on the ‘hood is that his old school (the one one at which he was so brutalized and bullied) asked him for a donation. He apparently gave them a million bucks but with a condition that they never attempt to make contact with him again! An intellectual genius and success despite the scars likely emanating from the breakup of the family and the brutalizations at school. Great tribute @Jim Murray

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Michael Toebe Oct 26, 2019 · #1

Elon Musk is definitely a brilliant visionary, mind and entrepreneur. He is committed, persistent and a problem solver. He thinks big and is confident to pursue objectives. He is also fascinating theater. Musk is also, like all of us, an imperfect human being, with flaws as a person, leader and business person. One thing is not - uninteresting. I enjoy your writing skill and writing voice, Jim.