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The American Odyssey Continues…Brand Versus Brand

The American Odyssey Continues…Brand Versus BrandWell the US Presidential race is over. And I have to say it’s a bit of a relief. I actually feel like I have huge hangover from all of this bullshit. Fifteen months of it.
I tend to get caught up in these things like a lot of writers do. And I tend to take sides, like a lot of writers should. But honestly, it was tough sledding this time around.
This election wasn’t about left wing versus right wing. It wasn’t about moderate versus extremist. It wasn’t even about man versus women.
It was about brand versus brand. It was a battle that was waged in the media. It was a test of strength and a personality contest. And if you look at it objectively, the strongest brand won.
Now it’s a real source of sadness that life in the United States has come down to this. Mainly because what was really lost in this shitstorm of brand versus brand were the issues.
The election should have been about which candidate can do the best job of nursing the country back to health. It should have been about what was necessary to do that effectively. And it should have been about how far the United States has made it back from the worst economic crisis since the great depression.
But no…It was about anything but.

Branding Is About The Impression You Make

The Trump brand managed to create the impression that America was pretty much fucked. And that they were pretty much fucked because of the corruption that existed in Washington.
The trouble with that is that is was probably true. But the reality of it was that it was mainly corrupt Republicans in the congress and senate whose agenda was being dictated to them by special interests and the racial hatred they felt for the democratic president.
This issue was raised by a number of people, but never got any traction because it was overpowered by the sexier promises of a Mexican wall and mass deportations of all those terrorists, murderers and rapists that have been polluting the country for decades.
It was skillful marketing in the extreme, because it drew people’s attention to non-issues and away of the real ones.
All through the campaign Trump played the schoolyard bully and beat up on everyone who got in his way. And people obviously forgave him a lot because he was ‘inexperienced’ and ‘not a politician’. Brilliant positioning again.
What this did, in addition to pumping up the Trump brand, was successfully re-position Hillary Clinton as the Washington Establishment brand.
The Trump brand knew that the sluts of the news media would be more attracted to his brand than they would the Hillary brand, because the Trump brand was outrageous. The Trump brand was irreverent. The Trump brand blew smoke up everybody’s skirt and did it very skillfully.
It was a bit of a gamble, but what did he have to lose?

On The Other Side

Hillary Clinton, or any other sane establishment politician, didn’t stand a chance.
The Democratic party gave the Trump brand the election on a silver platter when they screwed over Bernie Sanders, who was really the only viable Democratic candidate that could have stood up to the Trump brand.
Because the Bernie Sanders brand was heroic. The Bernie Sanders brand had the hearts and minds of the young and the disenfranchised, and probably their parents too.
But the Trump brand seized on a single phrase ‘Social Democrat’ and turned that into another word for ‘Communist’. And that was the end of that for the Sanders brand. Because no American likes a Commie.

The Bulletproof Drumph

The Trump brand succeeded because it was basically bulletproof. The strategy to keep it that way was simple. Just lie. And keep lying. If you lie enough people will start believing it’s true.
Because there are a lot of people out there who are intellectually incapable of going deep. And the ones who are are probably party loyalists and will understand that you’re lying your ass off to get the party in power again.
Last night was the proof that the Trump brand outperformed the Hillary brand. Not by much, but it didn’t need much.
As a marketing and branding person I am in awe of what the Trump brand pulled off. As a human being I am completely disgusted by how they did it.
They gamed the American public, counting on their ignorance, promoting racial and a whole lot of other kinds of hatred and the ineffectiveness of the Washington establishment.
They shouted long and they shouted hard. They lied like rugs. They made it acceptable for people to think like them, and the rest they just wore out, like cops will do when they interrogate a murder suspect. They created a cultural-based Stockholm Syndrome on a mass scale.
And goddam it, it worked.

Be Careful What You Wish For

The only downside is that now you have a President who is determined to turn a whole large country on its head. You have a president who, if nothing else, has proven that his agenda really starts and ends with himself.
You’re giving him a huge benefit of the doubt.
This is a classic case of ‘be careful what you wish for’, because those stories hardly ever end with the phrase, 'and they all lived happily ever after.’

The American Odyssey Continues…Brand Versus Brand
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Harvey Lloyd 14/11/2016 · #28

#26 To repeat what President Obama stated in January 2009, Trump won. Your argument lacks credibility when compared to the other choice in this election. I agree with your comments, but repeating them over and over doesn't change this fact.

You have assumed that i voted for Trump in your diatribe without any facts. You have associated me and others, 40 million to be close, with hating others, sexual mis-conduct, and generally deplorable.

So i would ask, given this opinion, opportunity to act out your comments and the assumption you represent a majority of the democrat position, What should happen to the deplorables?

Erroll -EL- Warner 14/11/2016 · #27

In every country majority rule. In the US of A electoral colleges rule. Hillary got 60.8 million votes. Trump got 60.3 million votes. Electoral colleges are illegal because smaller states have more power than states that are in many instances three time their sizes and population. The Republican will never want to get rid of electoral colleges because they would have to changes their policies in order to gain the White House. No one want to finance a challenge to the Supreme Court.

+1 +1
Philippe Collard 13/11/2016 · #26

#25 Harvey Lloyd. Sensible political discussions, right. Well, well, well. Let us turn to D Trump for that and try to analyze how he has led in that regard over the past 18 months. Let's start with "Mexicans are rapists and drgu dealers. Some are OK". Or "let us ban all the Muslims from entering the country". Or again "HRC deserved to be in jail" (while forgeting the many things that should have landed him in said jail. Or "Crooked Hillary", a perfect example of civil political discourse (Il will spare you the other eptiteth he has used over the past year)..what about "Lock her up"...what about "If I am elected, I am going to name a special prosecutor to look into your situation"...so please, pretty please, with sugar on top, give me a big break with the civilities. But here is the thing, those who voted for him knew exactly what he is, what he stands for, what he does not know, his crass manipulation of the truth (fact checkers clocked him at one lie per 45 seconds during his "speeches") and yet they voted for him. So did millions of people in Germany voted for Hitler n 1933. Same folks, who years later, after WWII said "We did not know" or "We did not understand". I am sorry but if you desire the right to vote, then you must accept the consequences. And yes, if you vote for a con man, knowing full well he is a con man, then you send a very loud and clear message: I am very OK with a con man as POTUS. It is actually way beyond guilt by association. It is a very pro-active behavior. You have one vote. And you cast that vote for someone like Trump. Well, you PICKED him. There is no "association" here...it was YOUR CHOICE!

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Harvey Lloyd 12/11/2016 · #25

#22 The questions were not rhetorical @Philippe Collard. You lost me at condemnation by association. The Romans too, thought they were progressive and had arrived at the pentacle of civilization. I make no such charge. We as a nation have not arrived, rather stand at a crossroads of decisions. Republicans, Democrats and Independents all have their ideas of our future. We need to choose wisely. Within the three dimensions lies the answers to a civilization that fails or succeeds.

Given the choices of leadership i am challenged by the fact we cant have civil discourse about the next 100 years. Each person had to decide based on the given choices. I sense that many were disenfranchised on both sides.

We can battle our positions with wisdom or continue with MAD "Mutually Assured Destruction". I choose battling within a construct of open debate. Unfortunately open debate is met with sophomoric rhetoric of accusation and innuendo that brings us no closer to answers than nuclear weapons. Should we choose the latter course the losing side in the political debate will rise up. In reality, it doesn't matter who rises, America will suffer as a country.

"if you do not even realize that you are being used, you do not deserve your freedom" Your quote is appropriate, Americans on both sides of this discussion have been lead down a path of polarization as a method of representation. I am refusing to participate. The "use" is within the participation.

If your use of the quote implies that i do not deserve my freedom because you believe i am guilty through association, then we are all doomed to the mistakes of our past. Bring on McCarthy. This time it will be a Democrat. Same history different party.

See you on the political battlefield, i will be the "uneducated white man" in the corner seeking understanding of wise choices for all Americans.

Brian McKenzie 12/11/2016 · #24

My favorite thing about Liberals, when they resort to name calling ~ you know they are done spending whatever intellectually valid critique they had. I have quit being surprised at how fast it shows up. P.S. if you think the reason I voted against Hillary was her vagina, you should get out of the pool, and certainly forget about ever swimming in the deep end.

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Phil Friedman 11/11/2016 · #23

#22 Phillippe, you make an important point. Not necessarily with respect to Trump, but certainly in regards of the Republican party.

The Republicans followed a strategy of intentional and complete obstruction during the eight years of the Obama administration. The openly declared goal was to prevent Obama and the Democrats from accomplishing anything. And the again openly declared objective was to make things really bad, and have the electorate blame Obama and the Democrats. This is well documented in public statements by Republican leaders.

Consequently, even if one believes that Trumps campaign of kick out the Washington insiders touched on some truths, it was way off in that it targeted the wrong people.

+2 +2
Philippe Collard 11/11/2016 · #22

#20 @Harvey Lloyd, what I stated is very simple: no more mr. nice guy. We simply need to fight, be as obstructive to whatever Trump and his mignons will do as they have been to Obama. Not kissing and making up. No cooperation whatsoever. The strategy of exclusion that worked so well for the right and the far right must be adapted and used by the progressive movement. And, if it was to me, it would go like this: Yes, if you voted for Trump, you voted for a sexist pig, a liar, a mysogin, a xenophob, someone who stole from countless people and businesses, someone who is a sexual predator, an incompetent con man who is going to destroy many years of progress, with the help of Ryan and McConnell. Because you voted for this scum bag, you espouse and associated to what he his. And, yes, very much so, it makes you deplorable. Yes, it makes you a racist. Yes, it makes you someone who believes "grabbing women by the pussy" is OK...because if you did not think that, then you would not have voted for this ass hole. See, these are binary disqualifier. No shades of gray. For decades the rights (and that includes you with the pejorative use of the word "liberal" which btw is based on liberty) have trashed the very idea of being a progressive...it is time for us to return the favor. You, Trumpsters, are bigots, alt-right, fascist. You are because you voted for one. And you voted for going backward. You voted that climate change is not real. You voted that women cannot have an abortion. You voted that gay people cannot marry. You basically voted an old white suppremacist agenda. And that deserve no respect. It deserves to be fought by whatever means. . And it is actually going to impact the very people who voted for that scum bag. But as a very famous politician once worte, if you do not even realize that you are being used, you do not deserve your freedom. So if you are one of the people who voted for Trump, then yes you are deplorable. And I have no respect for you.

John Rylance 11/11/2016 · #21

Jim I agree with your comments.
I will just add your picture of Trump reminds me of entrants in a gurning competition. If you are not aware of them they were probably still are competitions for who could pull the most grotesque face, often made through a horse's collar.
Mind you looking at the picture that comes with my posts who am l to talk/write.

+3 +3