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The Boundless Self-Destructive Energy of Sheeple

The Boundless Self-Destructive Energy of Sheeple

I wrote this, as I write many things,  to help myself understand what looks very much like the manifestation of some sort of mass insanity in America.

But if you look around a bit, you will see that America is not the only country that's acting a little bit crazy. There is insanity everywhere. It's just that American insanity, like everything else American, always manages to attract a ton of attention.

Sheeple…Defined as, "People who behave like sheep".

Sheep are rather high on the mindless scale in the animal world. Thousands of them can be herded by a single dog. They follow each other blindly. And if one could ascribe an human intellectual quality to them, ‘ignorant’ would be one of those words that spring