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The Lucky Canuk Who Is Me

The Lucky Canuk Who Is MeAfter two years of watching another democracy, a big one, get totally victimized by one of the lowest forms of humanity on the planet, it got me thinking about my own country, and just how lucky I am to have been born and lived my life here.


I live in a country called Canada.

To me, it's the best country going.

We have our ups and downs, but the people here are basically pretty damn good folks.

We don't brag about being a great country, although I guess you could call this bragging a bit.

We just carry on being Canadians.

We drink a lot of beer and we own a lot of guns but we don't kill all that many people because of or with either of those things.

Our economy is pretty solid for the moment.

Our federal government is liberal and doing the best it can to put  people first. Some of the provinces, not so much, but that won't last because Canada is a people first country at  heart.

We understand that we are a nation of people from all over the place. But more importantly we respect that.

Our country is a true democracy, because while there might be ideological differences between the left and the right here we’re still fairly civilized about how we deal with each other.

We only have one NBA basketball team and one major league baseball team, but the whole damn country gets behind them.

A lot of us are overweight, but what do you expect with a Tim Horton's on every corner?

There’s a lot of hockey played and watched Canada. It borders on obsession. So I you don’t like hockey you might not like it here.

There are a lot of talented people who grew up here, went to the States and became famous. And even more who stayed here and did the same thing, but on a smaller scale.

But no matter where they go or how famous they get, Canadians never forget where they’re from from. That’s because where they’re from is a pretty damn fine place.

I grew up in a border town at a time when America was great. Or at least that’s what we thought. Things are not so great down there right now. But we know that they will work through it. Or at least that’s what we hope.

But no matter how fucked up they get, we’ll always be friends. Because basically, except for the morons, Americans are OK with Canadians.

Canada has two languages. Not many English speaking people can speak French. But nobody seems to give much of a shit a shit any more.

That’s the thing about Canada. We’re very much a live and let live country. And because we are, we get really concerned when we see our neighbours, allies and friends in a fucked up situation. Like America is in now.

But like I said, they’ll work it out.

Life is Canada is good. We have no reason to want to be like or part of any other country. That would just fuck things up.

So tonight, I’m gonna stay up late and watch the Toronto Raptors play the Sacramento Kings. I might even have a beer.

And tomorrow, I’m gonna wake up in a country that may very well have a lot of stuff to deal with, but it pales in comparison to what many of my American friends have on their plates.

So I am one lucky bastard. Purely Canadian and thankful for it. My only wish is that our neighbours to the south can get their shit figured out so they can start feeling as lucky as I do.

jim out

Jim Murray is an experienced advertising and marketing professional and amateur photographer. He has run his own business (Onwords & Upwords), since 1989 after a 20 year career in Toronto as a senior creative person in major Canadian & international advertising agencies. He is a communication strategist, writer, art director, broadcast producer, mildly opinionated op/ed blogger & beBee Brand Ambassador.

Jim lives in St Catharines Ontario (AKA The Quiet Side Of The Lake) and is currently a partner at Bullet Proof Consulting. www.bulletproofconsulting.ca

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Jerry Fletcher 14/11/2018 · #10

#9 Phil, don't muck around. Tell us how you feel! You'll get no argument from me.

Phil Friedman 14/11/2018 · #9

#8 As well, it takes a lot of tact and leadership to criticize the inhabitants and government agencies of California about poor forestry management... even before the devastating fires have been brought under control. The only source of hot air greater than the current California forest fires is the Big Mouth Pea Brain at the Whitehouse.

Jerry Fletcher 13/11/2018 · #8

#7 Between bankrupting a business that can't lose (a casino) and using bankruptcy as a business strategy I guess you have to develop a motor mouth to keep other folks from getting a word in edgewise. And so it goes.

+1 +1
Phil Friedman 12/11/2018 · #7

#4 @Jerry Fletcher, to be sobered, one needs only ponder upon the fact that the purported Great Entrepreneur currently occupying the Whitehouse historically did business using bankruptcy as a primary strategy.

Jim Murray 12/11/2018 · #6

#4 @Jerry Fletcher. I really don't doubt it. Lewis Black does a great bit on how Trump bankrupted a Casino.

Jim Murray 12/11/2018 · #5

#3 I hear you, @Phil Friedman. What I mean was in comparison to what Americans feel. There are many places, even in Buffalo right on the freakin' border, where they won't accept Canadian money.

Jerry Fletcher 11/11/2018 · #4

#2 Jim, thee is slippage amongst the elected Elephantine but there is also a huge problem in running a government that requires some management talent. My sources in DC tell me it is getting worse. In another two years things will be so screwed up we will face a situation that requires actions almost as sweeping as what Obama had to do to pull us out of the financial tailspin. And so it goes.

Phil Friedman 8/11/2018 · #3

JM> "Our economy is pretty solid despite the fact that our dollar isn't worth a shit."

The fact is it's an advantage to have the CDN $ at US $0.70 and the Canadian economy generally booms when the Canadian dollar is low relative to the U.S. dollar. Cheers!