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The Method In My Insight Sharing Madness

The Method In My Insight Sharing Madness

“It always amazes me how willing you are to spend your time helping others write better.”
The Maestro, Phil Friedman

Since I arrived here at beBee several months ago now, one of the blogging streams I have created had to do with sharing insights on how to create better longer format posts.
As you can see, my friend Phil was very supportive of this activity. But another writer of my acquaintances commented that giving away all this insight is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot because once people got the hang of it, what would they need a writer for?
That comment makes a lot of sense if you are actually looking to get hired as a writer by people you meet on social media. But frankly I am not. And honestly never have been.
There are a couple of reasons for that, mostly having to do with how advertising and marketing people actually get business.
I’ve been at this a long time and one of the things I know for sure, from trial and error and from stuff my peers have told me, is that people like like me don’t get business from people on social media. Yeah, it may happen from time to time, but the odds are somewhere in the 1% area.
People like me get business from other people like me. From people who have heard about people like me. And from people who are asking around because they need someone like me to help them.
99% of this activity happens off line.
These numbers don't hold true for every business. But I don't speak for every business, just my own. If you get business from social media, I'm thrilled for you. If you want to get more, these insights might help.

But It Still Begs The Question Of Why I Do This

I do it because I can. Because I have the time to do it. Because I have the knowledge and the skills required to package these insights into bite size bits that make it easy for people to assimilate the advice.
I also do it because I like to read and learn. And because, by sharing these insights, and seeing just how much they are actually appreciated, I get to feel like I am contributing to the overall improvement of writing on the sites where I post these articles and share these insights.
It’s giving back with an enlightened self-interest rider attached.
If people actually incorporate my advice, they will get better at blogging. They will get smarter at commenting and they will become better overall communicators.
If they become better communicators, their businesses will grow and they will be encouraged to share insights of their own. And as a reader of their insights, I will learn more about business.
It’s all very circular.
I started doing this several years ago on WordPress, then over in The Lumpy Kingdom, and after that went to hell, here on beBee.
I have found receptive audiences for these types of posts everywhere I  have been, and hopefully have made some small contribution to the overall quality of the content here.
So there you have it. I have a rather substantial pile of these posts, and will be adding more on a regular basis. You'll be able to find them here, because I'm no longer posting on LI Pulse. https://www.bebee.com/@jim-murray

Here’s A Starter Kit Of My Insight Posts

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Just remember, this is advice and insight, not instruction. The idea is to take the advice and reshape it to suit your needs. Hopefully it helps you get better at communicating and helps your business grow. It's not easy. But then again, nothing really worth doing ever is.
As usual comments and shares are always welcome.

The Method In My Insight Sharing Madness

If your business has reached the point where talking to a communication professional would be the preferred option to banging your head against the wall or whatever, lets talk.
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Phil Friedman 21/10/2016 · #7

Well, here you've done it again, Jim. Spent your time and shared some serious wisdom about writing and publishing on social media. And I will say it again, one of the things that impresses me about you is your willingness to help other writers. I've personally always believed that writers benefit from community. Yes, in some senses they are competitors, but in very many ways that are not. And you seem to understand that without going to the mind-dead extreme of thinking that the only way to relate to one another is through insipid mutual compliments. As to being "the Maestro", if I am that, you must be The Godfather. Cheers, my good friend.

+2 +2
Steve Brady 21/10/2016 · #6

Thanks for sharing your hard-earned wisdom, Jim.

Jamie Davis 17/10/2016 · #5

Thank you @Jim Murray for a helpful and enjoyable article (blog?)☺

+4 +4
David B. Grinberg 17/10/2016 · #3

I've always admired your prolific prose and advice for writers, Jim. Ditto that for @Phil Friedman. That's for sharing your words of wisdom, as always. I've shared in three hives: "beBee in English" and "Writers" and "Publishers & Bloggers". Buzz on, my friend!

+3 +3
Jim Murray 17/10/2016 · #2

#1 Thanks @Kevin Pashuk

+2 +2
Kevin Pashuk 17/10/2016 · #1

More helpful gems of writing insight from my fellow Beezer.

+3 +3