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The Parkland Kids – Who Would Have Ever Predicted This?

The Parkland Kids – Who Would Have Ever Predicted This?If you follow the news, which a lot of people don’t, which explains why the world is so fucking clueless, you would be seeing something that has never happened in my lifetime.

You would see that the Kids of Parkland Hills, Florida, who lost 17 of their classmates in a school shooting by a very disturbed 19-year-old, who was able to purchase a semi-automatic rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition with any questions asked, have risen up to become one of the strongest gun control advocacy groups in America.

This is a movement that has grown and grown since February 14th to contain millions and millions of students right across the United States.

They are, just by their very presence, their poise and their honesty, shaming the National Rifle Association and all the candy-ass politicians they have in their pocket.

The NRA, of course, is fighting back, but because they are fighting the Kids, and because the Kids basically have the advantage of being on this right side of this issue, the NRA ends up looking like mean-spirited bullies. And corporate NRA sponsors are fleeing, no longer wanting to be associated with the gun-toting devils.

Politicians are torn six ways from Sunday because this is an election year for many of them and they can’t decide whether to keep on taking blood money from the NRA or getting on the right side of this issue.

Right now, taking the money will probably assure that many Republicans will lose their seats, right up and down the line.

Major donors to the Republican party are also pressuring the party, threatening to withhold donations if something is not done.

All across the country, NRA members are going viral on social media, as they destroy their assault weapons to stand in solidarity with The Kids.

The Women who organized the Inauguration Day Woman’s March and #metoo movement are now actively engaged in helping the Kids.

And just about every time you turn on the news, you see one of these amazing Kids keeping the issue alive and burning. You see videos from the parents of the murdered kids going viral and keeping the issue alive and burning. You see news people following it closely and keeping the issue alive and burning. And so it goes.

And it is fucking amazing.

Amazing in that it just shows you how spineless and ineffectual the political system in the US has become. Totally controlled by lobby groups like the NRA, big pharma, big oil and so on down the line.

But even more amazing because it shows you just how powerful a grass roots movement can be, and just how many more young people there are out there who are willing to get involved and be part of changing the way things are to the way things need to be.

I have written a lot about what’s wrong with America, and it’s kind of like shooting fish in in a barrel because there’s so much of it, starting from the top down..

But The Kids…The Kids of Parkland Hills, and all the other kids who are stepping up, and all the parents of kids, and all the right thinking people who have had enough and all young people who are becoming interested in how their country runs, they have collectively have created something amazing.

Something that can change everything. It really can.

The Friday Nite Sermon is a post by Jim Murray, in which he gets to unload all the angst and bullshit that invariably builds up in people who pay who pay attention to what is going on. It’s not always pretty but then neither is the world these days.

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Mark Anthony 10/3/2018 · #10

Wooohooooo! Something might change ...........

Jerry Fletcher 10/3/2018 · #9

Thank God for the children. No, make that young adults. these teens act and speak more like adults than their parents and a great deal more so than the politicians in power. Now, if we can just get them to become active and bring their fervor to getting out the vote....

Donna Wood 10/3/2018 · #8

I always support young people when they stand up for what they believe is right. These young people are the future leaders of America, which elates and frightens me at the same time. They have no formal education on the rules that govern our nation; at least most of them. They have no concept on globalization, multi-national corporations, and the rule of law. I worry that we will be at the mercy of their whims, and wonder if maybe a good old fashioned wake-up shake-up is what the country needs. I am, however, certain that the powers that be are deeply concerned about a coup in government that will turn their world upside down in the next year when most of these students across the country will be old enough to vote. We live in precarious times.

CityVP 🐝 Manjit 10/3/2018 · #7

This seems to be symbolic of what is being described Generation Z, which are the kids of Generation X parents. There definitely is a punch and bite in these youngsters that is missing in what are typically described as "millennials'. I don't see much in millennials that I do not already despise in boomers. Ultimately, these are all labels but I definitely agree that the Parkland students come with an edge and activism that has been MIA.

Now the pundits are actually also getting a little concerned that this generation is seemingly trending towards more conservative values see https://nypost.com/2017/07/01/why-the-next-generation-after-millennials-will-vote-republican/ but these notions are also being challenged as here https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/conservative-or-liberal-its-not-that-simple-with_us_59ea34f7e4b034105edd4e32 which basically means no one really knows what this up and coming generation are about - but for sure I can feel their presence, because they have grown up immersed in media but probably are going to be a little bit more resistant to the marketing that created "generation" labels to begin with.

The real transformation point will be the kids of these kids - I am intrigued most by how they will shape their views in a far radically different kind of future.

Brian McKenzie 10/3/2018 · #5

Same moves out of the CIA Manual of 'Active Measures' we deployed in 9 countries that I was in or directly supported with 'feed' since 1987.
It is all gamed, Pavlovian fodder and y'all keep falling for it like it is new - 😩
I am guessing you still believe that CNN Embeds were actually in Iraq during Gulf War I 😳

Jim Murray 10/3/2018 · #4

@Brian McKenzie I use to thing I was this bad ass cynic. But you make me feel very bush. Your shit borders of delusional sometimes. Or maybe you're just an alt-right contraiian. I don't know. But there is finally some good shit going on in a so called democracy, and you can shit on it all you want.

+1 +1
Brian McKenzie 10/3/2018 · #3

They have followed the scripts as delivered by their handlers, when they remember their lines.
Sheep will always blidly jump at false flags without looking to the other side of the fence to see the reality of the game being played. #BLM #WomensMarch #MeToo and the #Kids are all getting funded by the same set of pockets
They are at step 5 of the recipe. Meh.