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The Ranter’s Guide To Understanding Donald Trump, And In A Strange Way, America Too

The Ranter’s Guide To Understanding Donald Trump, And In  A Strange Way, America TooWhat follows here is a seemingly random series of rants that I wrote on Facebook over the past couple of weeks. What it actually turns out to be is a rather obtuse attempt to understand the America psyche through trying to get to understand somebody like Donald Trump.
I have never liked Donald Trump. He is a smug, arrogant, entitled bastard who has got it into his head that he can bullshit his way into the White House the same way he’s bullshitted his way to whatever dubious business success he has had.
I have been editorializing and outright ranting about him for a year now. Trying to warn people that they are being hoodwinked. But in the process I have developed some understanding about him. It didn’t change my opinion, but it did make me realize what his real agenda here was.
These are the last six mini-torials I wrote about him.

The Political Structure or Lack Thereof

Republican politicians in the US used to be just, you know, square headed pro business types, which was fine. A dirty job but somebody had to do it.
Now a bunch of them are turning into complete assholes.
And all because they were stupid and wimpy enough to allow themselves to be manipulated by Donald Trump. And all because, underneath the surface, they are racist bigots, who put the obstructionist agenda ahead of everything else, including the people they supposedly represented.
I hope they get creamed in the senate and congressional races, along with their Fuhrer. It will be the sweetest revenge of all for the people they have neglected for the past eight years. And it will create a government that can actually function instead of a bunch of crooks who work for special interest perks.

“Within A Year, Donald Trump Will Be In Jail”
Malcom Gladwell

In 6 days the US election will be over. And a whole new round of bullshit will start. Trump has to answer racketeering charges, election rigging, statutory rape charges and a bunch of other stuff.
Wouldn't it be poetic justice if he won and had to go into the slammer? Making America Great Again From The Hoosgow.
At least he would learn a few things about the penal system. And who knows, he might even find true love in there. We can only hope.
I've pretty much become convinced that a great many Americans have gone insane and it's up to the sane people there to step up and pull their country back from the abyss.

The BandAid On The Knife Wound

The Ranter’s Guide To Understanding Donald Trump, And In  A Strange Way, America TooThis crap is the best the Republicans could come up with. This is because they don't have two creative brain cells to rub together.
They are shallow and hollow & full of shit just like their fearless leader, pictured here looking a lot less spooky than he is. They say nothing with a lot of sound and fury. They live in an alternative dimension where women are pussies, blacks are ni**ers, hispanics are wetbacks & spics, gays are faggots & Muslims are ragheads.
If this is the kind of people you want running your country America, then you are everything they are and worse.

The Media Enablers or Disablers

I am studiously avoiding network news until this election is over. I am so fucking tired of hearing these assholes spinning this out to its last dying breath.
There is no honor left in the world of news. They're all sluts, taking home a million or more a year for basically speaking whatever bullshit their overlords tell them to speak. Obedient to the end.
If Trump gets elected president, which I highly doubt, he will fail. He will fail quickly and he will fail hard. The Generals will not take orders from him, because the US adheres to the Geneva Convention. The civil service will not organize the building of a wall, nor will they establish the massive deportation force that is required to get rid of all the illegals and Muslims. And if they are forced to,  they will take years to get it together, working to rule.
There will be mutiny everywhere because you just can't take orders from a lunatic and figure out some way to sleep at night.
Even if there is a Republican congress, it's doubtful they will pass any of the ridiculous shit Trump is proposing. Impeachment within the first 100 days almost guaranteed. The country is already more than 20 trillion in debt...the last thing they need is for that to double. Wake up America. This guy is in way over his head. All he does is talk. Talk. Talk.

The Igloo Perspective

One of the most remarkable differences between Canadians and many Americans is that we can all look at Donald Trump, listen to his rhetoric and see what is basically a sick puppy out to prove that he can control a whole country.
We see this with such astonishing clarity that it makes us wonder what the hell it is that any rational person could possibly perceive to be redeeming social value in Trump. Yet millions of people are supporting him, and passionately.
He has turned those millions of people into haters. He has brought out many of the primal urges they had been able to suppress. He has turned them into less affluent versions of what he is.
And the media, who have put greed over decency, have given him all the exposure he needs to make this all happen.
Trump has basically run a sharp blade right through the fabric of American society, and as Canadians we see, that even if he loses this election, which is more than a probability, he will have essentially ruined the country to gratify his own monstrous ego.
This is a sad time for America and I'm sure most Canadians are heartbroken to see it happening.

What Makes Donald Run

I was watching the Passionate Eye doc on Trump and Hillary Clinton and it occurred to me that, over the decades, a great many people in America have sacrificed the human side of their personalities in pursuit of money, power and fame.
Donald Trump, is one of these people.
He was raised to be a 'killer'. To win any any cost. Lying, cheating, stealing and gaming the system are nothing more than the tools of his trade.
All this personality defect is thinly disguised under his 'business mogul' persona. But at the end of the day, he's just a pathetic soul who spent his entire life trying to prove that he can play the twisted game of ruthless capitalism better than his father did.
But to anyone who has been spared the agony of having to live up to their father's ideals it seems like such a colossal waste of a life. If he loses this election he could end up in a psycho ward, because it could just break him into a bunch of small pieces.

You can agree or disagree with what I have just written. A lot of people have written worse. I don’t believe that Trump, as vocal as his supporters might be, has enough support, real and electoral college-based, to win this election.
But other than shine a bit of a spotlight on the corruption of government, which I would argue we all knew anyway, what has he really done outside of promoting an agenda that is decidedly fascist, run a campaign that has been powered by lies, innuendo, fiction and self-delusion and divide the country more deeply than it has ever been divided?
If I thought for a moment that his agenda was about more than his own compulsive need for recognition, I would applaud him.
But honestly, all you have to do is listen. All you will hear is the empty sound of a master salesman selling snake oil for money that goes into his pocket and only his.


Phil Friedman 9 нояб. 2016 г. · #41

#40 Thank you, Paul, and likewise to you. I agree with you that, while sometimes disadvantageous, the inertia of this nation's political institutions often functions to good effect by grinding forward on the path, irrespective of the actions of individual players --- until such time as such players educate themselves and rise to the realities and responsibilities of high office. It is no coincidence that residents of the White House age at what appears to be three times the rate that the rest of us do. My best to you. Hopefully, the electorate, having cried out for a voice, will take the opportunity to participate in an ongoing rational discussion that will set the tone for our politicians.

+1 +1
Paul Frank Gilbert 9 нояб. 2016 г. · #40

#39 Phil ... appreciate the details behind the words. I agree with many of your statements. I looked at the campaign rhetoric by both candidates a little differently. Hillary Clinton, a life long politician knows the office, knows the games, the rules and understood with no question that many of the "promises" she was making she had no power, the office of the POTUS had no power, to deliver on. I tried to believe that her "vision" was based on a belief that she would in fact be able to influence/manipulate the legislative branch to help her ... but I felt she was being disingenuous. I believed that Trump made assumptions about the office and the power it has and that he feels that he will be the "CEO" of America. He is genuinely unaware (not an excuse and not a good thing) of the power of the position he has been elected into. He will be in for a rude awakening. The people he wants to fire ... he has no authority to fire. The things he wants to do ... he will need support for ... and unless the PEOPLE drive the change in the legislative branch ... nothing much is going to happen.

Let's see if the magnitude of the position alters Mr. Trumps bravado and bullish braggadocio or if he simply turns out to be "the worst nightmare" so many people expect him to be. Regardless, America and the rest of the world will survive ... but we all deserve more than merely to survive!!

Thanks Phil ... reasonable ... meaningful discussion and I appreciate the POV. My opinions are only that ... mine. Deepest respect!

+1 +1
Phil Friedman 9 нояб. 2016 г. · #39

#36 Paul, my remark about the dumbing down of America is figurative, and refers to my long standing and often expressed belief that people do not identify with the economic class of which they are a de facto part, but rather with that class of which they aspire to be a member. It was not unexpected but is nevertheless surrealistic to me that so much of Trump's support was/is rooted in economic classes with which he has nothing in common. Trump is not a "working man". He's a businessman who started out with by his own admission a million dollars received from his father, an amount that is probably seven or eight million in today's dollars. And that, I submit, prevents him from understanding the plight of the middle and lower economic classes. It also drives him to believe in his gut that reducing taxes for the wealthy will prime the economy, which is wrong --- not morally, but factually. Consider that Trump admits that he legally avoided paying (Federal income taxes) taxes for many years. And that he did so, because he was legally enabled and allowed to. That should give a clue as to the what the expected effectiveness of continued trickle-down economics will be. But what I say in the run-up to this election was that a large portion of this nation's electorate gravitated to his jingoistic phrasing, the easily understood, but meaningless statements like we'll make American great again. Like we'll get rid of Obama care and health insurance costs will go down. Like we'll privatize our roads and highways infrastructure, so that somebody will make a profit and therefore improve the system -- which BTW is one of if not the best in the world. Subscribing to these nonsensical propositions is what I call the dumbing down of America.

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Brian McKenzie 9 нояб. 2016 г. · #38

It ain't over until the Leninist in Chief is expelled from office, and the fat lady sings - preferably from behind bars.

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Albert Gibel 9 нояб. 2016 г. · #37

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Paul Frank Gilbert 9 нояб. 2016 г. · #36

#35 I was considering your statement "it is clear that the dumbing down of America is complete" I read that to suggest that Americans , all of us, are dumb. You and I and everyone reading your pieces, included. Seemed like name calling, but I understand if you believe it to be the truth (your opinion) it is not name calling but merely stating what is true. A fine line, and yeah a bit nitpicky, but I think I appreciate the discussions and opportunities to see other peoples point of view. I think too we learned a few things along the way and were reminded of a few things we know but tend to forget ... and I believe they are worth further analysis.
1. The media is a questionable source for unbiased and even truthful communication of events. This is not new information, however I think we saw a whole different level of questionable reporting, questionable polls and questionable analysis from our top media outlets. People have gotten lazy ... this created/supported the problem. We are becoming a nation of headline readers ... impatience raising its head again.

2. Many of us are afraid of our government. I heard more people talk about fear as a motivator for their voting this election than I can ever remember and this goes back for me to voting for Reagan. To your point ... a better understanding of our government and the roles and powers within those roles would help allay some of those fears, but I doubt, given the state of things in general that would really have changed the vote.

And yes ... the election is done. Representative Democracy has been fulfilled. (call us a republic or a democracy or whatever) Now is time to focus on the issues and see what, if anything, we can accomplish. Regardless of who was going to win ... the nation and the world are facing challenges that will require collaboration, inclusion and unity ... the opportunities are out there ... the question is ... do WE THE PEOPLE care enough to govern the change we want?

+1 +1
Phil Friedman 9 нояб. 2016 г. · #35

#33 Paul, I agree that it is time to stop with the bigotry and name calling. But suggest you re-read my comments, which contain no name calling.unless you consider "president-elect" to be a serogatory name. The assertions made in my comments are about events witnessed live on, and recorded from TV. And about opinion widely expressed during the election campaign. They remain, to my mind, issues for concern and potential disagreement. Free expression of political opinion, even dissent does no cease following an election -- as we learned during eight years of the Obama administration. I suggest that, if anything, it is time to stop creating straw man arguments and focus on the ongoing discussion of issues --!hiwever odd that might seem in the context.

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Paul Frank Gilbert 9 нояб. 2016 г. · #34

Also maybe we can agree to do away with the outdated unneeded electoral vote process?!?!?!?!?

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