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The Simplicity Manifesto: A Constant Work In Progress

The Simplicity Manifesto: A Constant Work In Progress

Recently, and over a protracted period of time, I have been working to simplify my existence.

This arose out of two separate addictions that I wanted to rid myself of.

1. The addiction to constantly acquiring and having to learn new technology, both hardware, and software. I announced that intention in this piece.

Sitting On My Front Porch In Ludditeville Ontario

2. The Trump addiction, which is really quite widespread among those with actual functioning brain cells.

The Long View...A Long Time Coming

From kicking other addictions in my life like tobacco and weed, I have learned that for me at least, these are better done gradually as opposed to cold turkey.

In point of fact, I think that a lot of people struggle with their addictions because they choose the cold turkey method, and frankly it really is not for the faint of heart.

Since announcing my intentions to do this I have found #1 to be rather easy and a huge relief. I reverted to a flip phone, which I only use as a phone and my iPhone only as a camera, I use my iPad only to check the weather and to cruise down my Facebook page when I’m having a dump.

All of our TV stuff has been simplified and we are working towards ditching cable and becoming a streaming-only couple. That may take a while, because there is a bit of a learning curve there.

And the list goes on.

The second addiction has proven a bit harder since Trump is the gift that keeps on giving and by giving I mean trying to destroy his country through a potent mix of greed, ego, stupidity and mental illness.

Having said that, I am now at the point where I may just publish the odd meme, and participate in comments. which for me is 80% of the way to being free of him and the massive dark shadow he casts over his country, which is a country I happen to be quite fond of for many reasons.

Since this self-imposed simplicity movement, I have created a meme series in which I outline how I am actually going about creating this simplicity or at least reducing complexities in my life.

I have posted the first set of these below. Hope you enjoy them if you so inclined as to wade through them.

jim out

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Jim Murray 14/2/2018 · #5

#4 @Peter Altschuler. TRaking care of your tribe is job #1. My kids have the same attitude toward their kids as we did toward them. Educate, challenge and set a good example. Yeah, it puts you in the minority. But that's where the leaders of tomorrow come from. The US is learning a hard lesson about change right now. I hope they come out of it. But it will be a long time coming.

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Peter Altschuler 14/2/2018 · #4

Yes, @Jim Murray, old habits die hard. Like you, I've stopped getting new software. The old stuff works fine. I killed off cable years ago, and there's so much left to still not watch. Traffic is demonic in a car or on a bike, but I live in L.A., so I'm doomed. And I don't waste time lamenting the myopically ignorant man in the White House, but I encourage his opposition (in print) almost daily.

My bigger concern, which I wrote about today, is how the U.S. is simplifying itself into declining capability and increasing stupidity. My children and grandchildren all seem to understand this, and our time together is consumed by intellectual challenges -- all of them anchored in language. It may be a losing battle against the average tweedle dum and their tweedle dumber offspring, but I take enduring solace in the knowledge that my progeny will fight when I've gone... to someplace with no mortgage, no food to buy, no need for mobility, no healthcare costs -- just the one-time expense of cremation. Much simpler.

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Jerry Fletcher 14/2/2018 · #3

Back to basics is too often considered an excuse. It ain't.

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Jim Murray 14/2/2018 · #2

Thanks @Pascal Derrien. I have spent a lot of my life slaving away in one complex situation after another. Finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Pascal Derrien 14/2/2018 · #1

To the work in progress and its manifesto .... :-) Simple is good

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