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This Post Is My "About Page"

My Company, Services & Target Audience

This Post Is My "About Page"Jim Murray (that’s me) is owner and creative director of Onwords & Upwords Inc., a St Catharines Ontario based creative consultancy.
O&U provides strategic focus, concepts, copywriting & editing, art direction and production in all on and offline media.
The businesses and people I work with are SMEs and funded startups, graphic and web designers, art directors and marketing and strategic consultants wherever they may be.

My Experience Base

I have more than two decades of highly decorated ad agency experience and an equal amount of experience with direct clients.
I am as conversant with the B to C market as I am with a wide range of B to B verticals. I've helped build business for more than 50 recognized national brands (including Procter & Gamble, Hunt Wesson and Mars brands) and more than 100 small businesses and startups.

My Business Objectives<