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This Post Is My "About Page"

My Company, Services & Target Audience

This Post Is My "About Page"Jim Murray (that’s me) is owner and creative director of Onwords & Upwords Inc., a St Catharines Ontario based creative consultancy.
O&U provides strategic focus, concepts, copywriting & editing, art direction and production in all on and offline media.
The businesses and people I work with are SMEs and funded startups, graphic and web designers, art directors and marketing and strategic consultants wherever they may be.

My Experience Base

I have more than two decades of highly decorated ad agency experience and an equal amount of experience with direct clients.
I am as conversant with the B to C market as I am with a wide range of B to B verticals. I've helped build business for more than 50 recognized national brands (including Procter & Gamble, Hunt Wesson and Mars brands) and more than 100 small businesses and startups.

My Business Objectives

My primary objective is to provide small business and various consultancies with agency level strategic, creative services and project management at affordable rates.
My secondary objective is to use my blogging skills and experience to help people understand more about the art of effective communication.
I am a prolific blogger and have authored more than 800 editorial posts. The review column I wrote from 1998 to 2009, The Couch Potato Chronicles, attracted a reader base of close to 7000 on a weekly basis.
My blogging interests include marketing and communication, politics sports and entertainment. I was one of the original LinkedIn Pulse invitees, and have managed my own WordPress blog for the past decade. In the absence of any real growth potential on LinkedIn, I am now working to expand my following on the publishing platform at beBee.com, where I am also a brand ambassador.

My Client Base

Although I have a great deal of consumer advertising experience, the vast majority of my work in is the Business to Business area.
To this end I have recently done a number of projects with, among others: Sales and communications Specialist Robert Wright (Sell To Buyer Personas online learning program) •  RCK Sinks in Connecticut • The New Design Group • Strategy + People Strategic Consultants • Pr