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Volume 20: Bladeless Wind Turbines Are On The Way • Hydrogen: The More You Hear About It, The Better It Sounds • Wireless Electricity…Everything Old Is New Again

Volume 20: Bladeless Wind Turbines Are On The Way • Hydrogen: The More You Hear About It, The Better It Sounds • Wireless Electricity…Everything Old Is New Again

Bladeless Wind Turbines Are On The Way

People, especially those reactionary old farts who are in bed with the fossil fuel industry, like to take all kinds of shots at renewable energy.

When it comes to wind power the shots revolve around things like dead birds, noise and non-recyclable nature of the turbine blades themselves.

Well this week I found out about a company that is in the process of creating wind generating technology that addresses those ‘shots’ and several others.

The company is called Vortex Bladeless. And their technology represents an almost complete rethink and how to harness the wind for power.

On their site, they demonstrate that they have manage to eliminate or minimize all the disadvantages of wind turbines.

I won’t try and explain it all here. But I strongly suggest that you check out their site and really get a good understanding of this technology. It’s gonna be big and revolutionary and good for the world going forward.


Hydrogen: The More You Hear About It, The Better It Sounds

Energy companies around the world are now starting to look at hydrogen as a zero carbon fuel source. And, in my opinion, this is one of the most welcome developments I have seen in recent memory.

As this industry matures, it can be a massive game changer, especially for the automotive industry, which is responsible for 30% of the world’s CO2 emissions.

This is a link to the five most active companies in the hydrogen fuel cell development area. Even a cursory glance will show you the legs that this technology has, especially as an alternative to fossil fuels.


Wireless Electricity…Everything Old Is New Again

It was Nikola Tesla who first envisioned and laid the ground for wireless electricity, and now,130 years later, there is a company in New Zealand who is launching a test project to see if they can do just that for their fellow Kiwis.

Powerco, which is New Zealand’s second largest electricity distributor is launching a pilot project this year to test the feasibility of the wireless transmission of electricity using technology created by a fledgling tech company called Emrod Energy.

If this works and grows into something, it will eventually lower the need for things like copper mining, and a good deal of the wire manufacturing industry. It will also be a great low cost way to get electricity to rural areas.

This is a Popular Mechanics article on the project:

Here is a link to an article about Emrod: https://tinyurl.com/vbvb8f8t


This is a new section where I post memes that I have found and think have lots of relevance to the entire renewables revolution.

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Jim Murray Apr 22, 2021 · #7

#4 Fatigue failure is something that occurred to me as well. Hopefully it's something they deal with by the choice of materials they use. Maybe woven.

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Ramesh Kumar Apr 19, 2021 · #6

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Ken Boddie Apr 18, 2021 · #5

Further to my columnar vibrating turbine comments below, Jim, I should have added:
“I'm pickin' up good vibrations
[You’re] giving me excitations.”

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Ken Boddie Apr 18, 2021 · #4

Love this vortex-shedding wind turbine concept, Jim. Can’t see any negatives other than perhaps long term potential for fatigue failure. The concept takes me back to my engineering studies at uni, and the infamous Tacoma Bridge collapse in 1940, the video of which we were all made to watch as part of our fluid dynamics classes. The fact that it’s taken another 80 odd years since that failure, to latch onto a positive concept for vortex-shedding, provides more fuel for the argument that the petroleum and coal mining industries have so successfully and historically been snuffing out alternative methods of power generation for decades.

+2 +2
Jim Murray Apr 17, 2021 · #3

#1 I'm sure it will be forthcoming, Jerry....and there it went.

Jerry Fletcher Apr 17, 2021 · #1

Jim, Great stuff! Now if we can just get it into production. And so it goes.

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