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Volume 4: Maserati Goes Electric • Getting Up To Speed On Renewable Energy • Creative Problem Solving in The Wind Industry

Volume 4: Maserati Goes Electric • Getting Up To Speed On Renewable Energy •  Creative Problem Solving in The Wind Industry

Maserati Goes Electric

One of the leading indicators of the renewable revolution is the automobile industry, which created the majority of the machine that create the majority of the CO2 emissions.

As I cruise the news in this area, I’m struck by the fact that many of the leading car companies are making the conscious effort to move to electric and hybrid lines.

One of the biggest pieces of news in this regard comes from one of the most unlikely sources, which is the Maserati company, which has recently announced that within the next 5 years all their cars with be either hybrid or full electric.

This is a pretty by risk for a high performance car company. But then again, it may also just be one of those great ideas that will allow them to lead the way and be on the very crest of the wave that we all know is rolling.

Right now, there is just a release on the news, But more in-depth articles with undoubtedly be on the way soon.

Here’s the release https://tinyurl.com/y6tmy6l3

Getting Up To Speed On Renewable Energy

Part of the reason I do this blog is to keep myself up to speed on the developments in the renewable or sustainable energy sectors. The other part is putting people onto some of the ways this relatively new industry is finding willing users in the larger world of manufacturing.

In the keeping myself up to speed department, I like to find and tell folks about some of the sites that do a decent job of explaining just what this energy sector encompasses.

This post on the Listverse site does a pretty good job of explaining 10 of the most promising sources of renewable energy. The article, like most stuff on the Internet strays a bit from the pure, renewables into natural gas and nuclear, but makes some interesting points about both.


Creative Problem Solving in The Wind Industry

With the wind and solar industries slowly but surely moving toward universal acceptance in the investment community, we are now starting to see some real innovation taking place.

In the wind industry, several problems exist with the turbines themselves. These include the amount of concrete required to fabricate the bases. The 10 year half life of the blades, which cannot be recycled and the horrendous logistics and costs involved with transporting the massive pieces to their sites and assembling them.

So I went looking for information about innovations in the wind power industry and found, among other things, this very interesting article on wind turbine design.

Even a quick look will show you the amazing amount of innovative thinking that is going into creating the wind generation machinery of the future.


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