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We Just Called It Winter

We Just Called It Winter

For some reason, this view out my bathroom window made me think about winters in Fort Erie when I was a kid.

It wasn't unusual to get a foot or two of snow at a time.Or for it to be replenished regularly right up until the middle of March and sometimes beyond.

Today, when I look at all the millennials giving me the weather like it’s some kind of brutal event, I kinda have to chuckle. We never thought of it as brutal. Nope, sorry, it was just plain winter.

You bundled up for it. And you shoveled it. And then you had some hot chocolate and played Monopoly and then shoveled it again.

The older people in our neighbourhood would pay me and Doug Ineson a couple of bucks for shoveling out their sidewalks and driveways. So there was money to be made from winter. The same as the money we could make from cutting their lawns in the summer.

When the snow really came down it was piled up high along the edge of a park called the Sugar Bowl.

A bunch of us would gather at Larry Jackson’s house nearby and choose woo