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Welcome To The Digital Sunday Paper, October 9th Edition

Welcome To The Digital Sunday Paper, October 9th EditionThe Digital Sunday Paper Is a regular feature here on my blog. It’s got a little bit of everything in it, Including some of the opinions I have developed over the past week or so watching the world go by and going with it to some extent.

New Developments Section

Welcome To The Digital Sunday Paper, October 9th EditionFour Strong Winds Was Born: Phil Friedman, Don Kerr, Kevin Pashuk and myself, affectionately known as the Beezers, created a shared post on the future of social media, that was quite well received both on beBee and over in the Lumpy Kingdom Of The Microsoft Hamsters.

So in the true sporting spirit that we all possess, we have decided to make it a regular feature. Now we’re all fairly busy guys and these posts are a bit more demanding than the average brain dump, so the frequency will be determined mainly by our work schedules.
Because there are four of us and we are all writers, there will be a lot to read and take in. So be prepared to hunker down with an XL Cappuccino.
The Trump Campaign Dies: Between the innuendo floating around about his tax returns and the new audio/video that surfaced this week which featured Trump being completely vile and Welcome To The Digital Sunday Paper, October 9th Editiondisgusting about his conduct towards women, he is pretty much dead in the water.
Dozens of prominent Republicans including his running mate, Mike Pence, have begun to distance themselves from him, for fear of being tarred by the big-ass brush that he is slathering all over his world.
Trump even went so far as to attempt an apology, something he’s really not very good at, citing that everything he said was “for entertainment purposes”, which is when I threw up a little in my mouth.
Trump will not resign because he sees that as doing serious damage to his brand, which actually only means anything to that very special kind of stupid people who still believe that he will save them from the realities of today’s world. Anyway, RIP The Donald.

TV Section

Timeless: Half decent series about time travel and how events in the past affect stuff in the present. Kind of interesting. And certainly indicative of how digital technology can make shows look huge these days.
Lethal Weapon: Based on the movie series with crazy Mel Gibson. This show is a lot of fun. Cop shows that don’t take themselves too seriously usually are.
Special Shout Out For Queen Of The South: This series about the rise and fall of a female Mexican drug empress is outstanding on every level. The story is building slowly (6 episodes in), but the tension in this series is exquisite, the acting and scripting are first class and the situation is pretty freakin’ hairy most of the time. Once the first 10 eps have been shown they will no doubt re-show them on Bravo and this will probably move to Netflix too. It’s easily the most outstanding new series of the season for me.

Photo Section

These are some of the pics I have been taking lately out on my daily exercise rides.

Welcome To The Digital Sunday Paper, October 9th Edition

beBee Promotional Section

Welcome To The Digital Sunday Paper, October 9th EditionAs part of my function as a beBee brand ambassador, I have been creating longer format posts and also a series of memes that the other 20 odd Ambassadors can use as enticements to get people to come and take beBee for a spin.
The simple fact of social media life, whether you are a blogger or a small business person looking to expand your customer base, is that in order to give yourself the best shot at success you have to be active on a number of platforms.
beBee is quickly turning into a good destination of choice, especially for bloggers because there is a large, interested audience and because of the way it’s structured, you can direct your posts into special interest ‘hives’ where your readership will naturally be higher because of the shared interest or affinity of the people who belong to those hives.
It’s really quite an ingenious system and unique in the social media world, which is why I like it.

Heath & Wellness Section

The Virus From Hell: No it’s not Ebola. It’s something we all affectionately refer to as the common cold, and it is the biggest pain in the ass you can imagine. All you do for three or four days is, cough your lungs out, dab your watery eyes, blow your nose and slather on weird honey scented balm on the area just below your nostrils which dry out and chafe like crazy.
The formula that works to keep me upright when this happens is: Sinutab to dry out my sinuses, Tylenol for the body ache and Benelyn DM to ease the congestion along with a couple gallons of water and all the vitamin C I can choke down.
I’m in my third day and my symptoms are starting to wane. But there is a 15 lb turkey in the fridge whose fate needs to be decided based on my potential contagiousness vis a vis grandkids coming for dinner.

Editorial Section

Welcome To The Digital Sunday Paper, October 9th EditionMy dear friend, Ms. Shelly Brown, of Chicago Illinois, whose life has been up and down like a toilet seat over the past year, appears to be finding her writing rhythm once again.
Shelley is starting to post on beBee and she is worth seeking out because her writing is a delightfully authentic look at her life as a single person in the big city.
Shelley and I have had some long phone chats. I personally think she’s pretty amazing, and someone you will really want to follow here. Because Shelley is like a box of chocolates…you’ll never know what you get.

Hope you enjoyed the Digital Sunday Paper for this week. As always comments and shares are welcome.

Welcome To The Digital Sunday Paper, October 9th Edition

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Jim Murray 9/10/2016 · #3

#1 Thanks David. HBO is an expensive add on here in Canada. It's actually a lot cheaper to wait until it comes onto Itunes or to DVD. I'd get HBO, but I don't really like a lot of the stuff they do. I like Netflix produced shows a lot better, believe it or not.

+1 +1
David B. Grinberg 9/10/2016 · #1

Thanks for this, Jim. I have a recommendation to the TV section: there's an awesome new science fiction show on HBO called "Westworld" based on the 1973 movie and book of the same name by Michael Crichton (who, coincidentally, went to my high school in NY, albeit a lot earlier than me). This series has great actors, such as Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris and Evan Rachel Wood.
This is show is especially pertinent for bees interested in the future merger of artificial intelligence and robotics, in this case for entertainment purposes at a simulated theme park. Enough said. Check it out: http://www.hbo.com/westworld

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