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So What NOW? America’s Struggle to Remain the Leader of the Free World

So What NOW? America’s Struggle to Remain the Leader of the Free WorldYou don’t have to be an American citizen to feel battered and bruised following the November 8th presidential election. We Canadians, all 36 million, were sucked along for the roller coaster ride over the past two years, from the nutty Republican Primaries to the astonishing Donald Trump victory out of some 20 candidates. The vitriol that spewed forth during the primaries, and then Donald Trump’s profanity-laden presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton, exceeded the bounds of the seediest reality show one could imagine.

And then in typical Trumpian reality show fashion, he astonished the world by cleaning Hillary Clinton’s clock in electoral college votes (290 to 228, at the time of this post), though he was a few hundred thousand behind in the popular vote. The pollsters, self-described political strategists, media hosts, reporters, analysts, and so forth all got it wrong, except for the LA Times which consistently held Trump in the lead during the campaign.

Putting aside the blame-it-on-angry-white-voters peddled by the media (a butt-covering attempt for blowing their prediction), the core of the problem is the elitist stance that upper middle class people have maintained against the Republicans, and in particular Donald Trump from the moment he declared his candidacy in the Primaries—the Coastal Elites as some call them. Forget that he’s a douche bag, chauvinist pig, racist, nasty businessman, etc. The intelligentsia, from the media to academics to economists to political analysts, all of whom waded into the Trump swamp, live their lives in privilege, ensconced in their lovely suburbs, oblivious to the realities that tens of millions of Americans face each and every day.

Donald Trump was merely the vessel through which millions of Americans, many of whom were not regular voters or members of the Republican Party, expressed their outrage with the country’s political power system. Trump, the strategist, successfully channelled that outrage towards his personal political ends. He accomplished what he excels at.

So What NOW? America’s Struggle to Remain the Leader of the Free WorldWhether it’s trying to keep up with rising health care premiums, feeding their families and keeping a roof over their heads, or working two or three jobs, to many Americans the dream of a better life has been steadily fading away. In short, the American Dream is dy