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So Where Are We Now? — The World’s Still Standing

So Where Are We Now? — The World’s Still StandingSo what were you doing on November 7, 2017?

That’s okay if you don’t remember. Here’s a reminder, however: After what could only be called a political circus, a reality show star, who dabbled in real estate, beat out 17 contenders in the Republican Party to be the first-past-the-post ahead of Hillary Clinton.

Oh! Now you remember.

The past 14 months since inauguration day of a narcissistic 71 year-old (45th President of the United States), replete with what British author and social commentator Martin Amis has described as a “woodland creature” atop his noggin, have been a roller coaster of incredulity, orgasmic delight for the late-night talk show hosts, and repressed giggles from CNN commentators and the like. And not to forget, most obviously, the obligatory seriousness of various pseudo experts and network contributory analysts.

The only really good news in the age of Donald Trump is that the world has not exploded. For anyone with the self-imposed initiative, take the time to read up on the events leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis (October 16-28, 1962) and you will be not just impressed but actually astonished with President John F. Kennedy’s calm leadership in the art of de-escalation and crisis management. It’s one of America’s pivotal moments in Presidential leadership.

Think I’m full of shit? Well, first off, I’m a Canadian, and second I’m apolitical with no party or ideological affiliation. I’m a long-time student of leadership.
That brings me to where we are today. Usually, I’d be writing on a substantive leadership topic without any political or controversial overtones.

I must confess that while I delight in watching such late-night talk show hosts as Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert skewer Donald Trump (sorry, but I’m unable to precede his name with the word President), there’s admittedly a pre-conceived bias with these folks to crap on this neophyte politician. We mustn’t forget CNN and the other mainstream news broadcasters. Trump can’t do anything right. And we conveniently forget the