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How to Promote Positivity

How to Promote Positivity

Power-positive thinking has so many benefits! With perks such as living longer, better resistance to sicknesses, and an increased level of coping with times of stress (such as during the current COVID-19 outbreak), it’s a wonder why more people aren’t striving to be consistently positive! We’ll go over some of the benefits that positive thinking has, and then we’ll go over some ways someone might be able to promote positivity in his/her daily life.


The benefits of a positive outlook can be minuscule and unseen even. However, cases such as those like cardiovascular health, the benefits are much more prevalent. Let’s go over a few of the general benefits:

Positive thinking helps weaken neurological pathways in our brain to promote positivity

Thinking positively can help optimize blood pressure

An enthusiastic outlook can help with immune system strengthening

People with an optimistic outlook have a decreased likelihood to experience a cardiovascular failure such as a heart attack or other event

Those with a cheerful outlook experience greater levels of creativity

Those who have a brighter outlook also tend to experience less depression

How to Promote More Positivity in Life

Smile More

The easiest action someone can perform is simply to smile. Our brains are not so hard to redirect. Smiling (even smiling in a fake manner) renders the brain to believe that something humorous is occurring. This simple action has also shown the ability to decrease heart rate!

Reframe the Situation Positively

Reframing one’s situation helps reduce the psychological blow a negative event can have on someone. Positive reframing can also help people to see flaws or faults that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Instead of seeing the reasons for failure, those who can see the grand picture differently can analyze the situation and even prepare better for the future!

Connect Positive Events with Actions

Similar to classical conditioning, associating certain actions, events, and/or sounds with positivity over time can be a great ego booster! Someone who constantly rings a bell, or simply performs another action like tapping on his/her arm while there is something positive occurring, can eventually ring a bell or tap on his/her arm without the act happening and get a relived sense of positivity! This is an extremely powerful tool that can maintain a good mood even in moments of stress.

These are only a few easy ways to promote positivity! Be sure to comment below if any of these tricks and tips help you promote positivity in your life! Also, make sure to comment about other methods you use to promote positivity in your life!

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