JK Spaeth en Content Curation, Content Writers, Content Marketing 6/10/2016 · 5 min de lectura · 1,1K

The Content Paradox

Recently Steve Rayson published a blog post that posited two positions, and sided with the one that many content creators instinctively think of as just plain wrong:

“Content is about quality, not quantity. We should be producing high value, authoritative content regularly, not publishing lots of short posts. Less is more.”

“Winning in digital media now boils down to a simple equation: figure out a way to produce the most content at as low a cost as possible.” (Digiday 2013)

Do you agree with first statement? Me too, until recently. But now I think we could be wrong.

He examined the recent rise of the web presence of the Washington Post and its new direction of posting tons of content all the time, which has been really successful and has made it one of the only real newspapers to match the number of views Buzzfeed. He argued, that maybe this was how we should be doing it (at least some of the time). So is he right?

Subsequently, another content expert, Rondell Smith, wrote a