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‘I asked’… What will win in 2018?

‘I asked’… What will win in 2018?

Everyone is looking for the top insights into new trends for 2018, but through all of the noise, what should our attention be on?

… although it’s a fairly broad and common question, it’s one that people want help answering.

So I decided to ask the question to 5 close friends and experts in Digital Marketing, to see what they really think…

“ What do you think will win in 2018?”

Jan Barbosa ( Global beBee Brand Ambassador. ) — Every time I’m asked about what trends will rule in the immediate future, my minds starts to wonder, I think twice before making a statement because in these matters emotions are left out and logic must dictate the choices.

In 2016 I went all in for Augmented Reality, in September 2017 the technology received a blessing from Apple as it announced all iPhones starting from the 6S will be AR compatible. Unequivocally this will make the technology go mainstream.

Augmented Reality is slowly entering our lives, first, as funny camera filters that we love to use, games that keep us running to certain spots to collect virtual gold coins, pets or goodies and a tool to show us the way to our destination.

I’m again going “ All In” with AR to make headlines in digital marketing, sales and real estate to name a few, more so, as many big names like Samsung, Apple, Nike, W magazine, Mercedes Benz and more join in to take full advantage of AR capabilities.

My second choice is Live Video which is currently going through an evolutionary phase, it’s going from lots of content to quality content and that is just fine

I’m watching Generation Z creating videos to show friends how to play video games, Millennials are recording important moments of their lives and the over 40 crowd is consuming video like free pizza.

My last spot goes to Mobile Marketing, which is a safe bet when you look at the millions of devices already in customer hands and the insatiable consumer appetites to always get “the latest model”.

Marketing has taken full advantage of the personalization capabilities that sharing our data allows.

Everytime we click on an item it’s recorded, every like, dislike, starts we give to a movie, taking our photo and sharing its location, this is big amounts of personalize data and the algorithms clean it all up and service us with personalized ads, that even when some say, “If you like it, its not an Ad” well, yes it is.

In April 2017 I wrote a message to all in marketing and sales in my Instagram. It read: “Get Mobile Or Die Trying”. I’m sticking with this all the way through 2018 and beyond.

Other technologies that are dear to me like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will make their mark in digital marketing but we will have to wait a bit more.

Edward White (Founder of ATLIVE)— In my opinion I think that the use of voice AI Machines (Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Home Pod) is going to grow in 2018 and I think that the use of them is going to change from an informative device to a buying device, as you are going to be able to buy your products directly from these machines.

That is why I think that marketers and business owners alike should invest heavily to ensure that they are on top when this new form of purchasing behaviour comes into play.

Ollie Whitfield ( Social Selling Practitioner at Creation Agency.) — We all know that social is a bustling channel where businesses and their people spend so much time and money every day. And we are all so desperate to make the very most of what we do on social, to squeeze every last drop of ROI and engagement out of it. The number of social media tools and the huge amount of content out on the web about how to optimize your work on social just goes to show how much we all care about it.

One thing I saw towards the end of 2017 was a lot of algorithm changes across the main social media networks. Facebook has become all about video, LinkedIn all about long written updates, Twitter the same. And people are adapting.

But this year I think the real winners won’t be thinking about how many views their video got because they used the caption “Tag a mate” — or the number of likes on their motivational LinkedIn story post.

It will be the people who have really great, outstanding content (format regardless) and can share it well with their audience that win. Even if the algorithms work slightly out of alignment in helping them get that visibility, the connection they can make with buyers and community members will be worth more than the number of views they could get if they posted differently.

I think this is a change that will slowly come into play this year, as more and more people cotton on to the trends and then get used to them.

Gareth O’Sullivan (Content Marketing Manager at Creation Agency.) — 2018 will see several new big trends. We’re already seeing a rise in the video marketing, influencer marketing and automation, especially AI.

I personally believe AI will be one of the big trends this year. Brands have already jumped on and began using AI for managing customer enquiries through their social media channels and it’s been a great success for them. I’d imagine in the next few years, we’ll see a big increase in this and most likely in two years time, most if not all customer interactions will be dealt with via a chatbot or alike, not a human support agent. However, whilst this may happen, it’s important we remember not to let automation fully take over — we still need human interaction to add that personal touch.

Gavin Teague ( Co-founder of Honest Media .) — “I believe big things are going to happen on LinkedIn in 2018. Live video will be an option for B2B on there which could be huge for networkers and Marketing companies”.

Thanks for reading this weeks Blog, please let us know in the comments if you agree with any of these insights or if you have anything to add? Thank’s once again to everyone who was featured in this quick blog, Jan Barbosa, Edward White, Ollie Whitfield, Gareth O’Sullivan and Gavin Teague — great insights!