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Social Statistics That Influence Decision Making.

☕ Another week down, and the introduction of #Blog009 is here. Today I wanted to share with you all a post around some of the best #SocialMedia statistics in the game, how they can help you implement new ideas into your Marketing strategy, but also the statistical insights it gives you into the Social Media landscape.

Social Statistics That Influence Decision Making.I think by now, most of you already know the importance of Social Media, what it can do help businesses, and what it can do as a representation of your brand but, I think this is a great place to start.. Of the 7.2 billion people on earth, 3 billion have internet access, 2.1 billion are active on Social Media and over 1.7 billion use Social Media from a mobile device.

This number just keeps growing and being able to notice trends and patterns from Social Media statistics is extremely useful. It can point you in the right direction, giving statistical insights, however this isn’t information to take on and implement straight away, everything is a test, and being able to test different networks and different types of content, will ultimately give you a better understanding of what will work for your brand.

Identifying what device your audience are more frequently using can help you when planning content, but it will also help you when trying to target a specific audience who are using a specific device. In this day and age, everything seems to be moving towards mobile, most websites are all mobile optimised making the functionality much simpler for people on such different devices. If for example, over 70% of your website traffic is using mobile devices to find your website, and your website is not mobile optimised, it can have a knock on effect for that user and reflect negatively on sales and conversions. 

I think another hugely important factor to look at before starting to use Social Media in your marketing strategy, is being able to identify what network is most suited to your brand, what network will help you elevate from your competitors and ultimately drive success. Every platform is different for every brand, just because somebody told you how fast a certain network is growing, and the results they may of achieved, that doesn’t mean it will be replicated for you. Seeing a stat like this, could make people think that Instagram is for them, but if you don’t have a product that appeals to the audience on Instagram, then it might not be the right platform for you. Over 2.4 million likes every minute.. Pretty impressive though!

With the close introduction of Facebook’s new internal video platform, which will allow users to follow their usual ‘meme’ videos, live streams, and also a specific public figure, inside a network which sees over 1.8 billion daily active users. You-Tube’s platform is still VERY impressive. With users watching over 400 hours worth of videos, every minute. However there is something NEW that has risen in the recent news with You-Tube’s much anticipated TV service, that will roll out to the major markets in the US later this spring, and at a premium price point of $35 a month, the new service is a direct threat to all cable TV providers and I think this could really be a BIG hit. 

These kind of stats are the ones that can make a huge impact on your Social Media performance, especially when trying to identify different networks to use in your marketing strategy. Around 47% of people say that Facebook has influenced their purchase behaviour, which is a HUGE number and shows that the delivery of content across Facebook has a significant outcome on the way consumers buy. Facebook is extremely powerful, and it’s not necessarily the direct sales driven content that influences consumers to purchase, but the consistency of light advertising that will ultimately make people buy into your brand, and the person you try and present yourself as.

Thanks for taking the time today to read my blog, I hope you all enjoyed it and walked away with a bit of value, which is the main purpose of my blog posts. I want to offer FREE advice, tips, tricks on everything Social Media and a few insights into the Digital landscape to anyone and everyone.

Happy Friday all - Have a beeeeeeeeutiful day 🐝🐝

Written by: Joe Rowbotham

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