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A call for Lip-Smackin change: How about we expect more?

A call for Lip-Smackin change: How about we expect more?

A general statement: If the shoe fits!

Far too often we see the lips moving across Journalism, Politics, polarized views on this Grand Challenge or that Grand Challenge (water, energy, food, population, and climate) and any number of other heady issues of the day.

I was watching a Meghan Trainor video and the thought occurred to me. The lyrics just might be more universal than the mere culprit within her song:

“…If your lips are moving, If your lips are moving

If your lips are moving, then you’re lyin’, lyin’, lyin’, baby

If your lips are moving, If your lips are moving

If your lips are moving, then you’re lyin’, lyin’, lyin’, baby…”

For all the issues.

For all the challenges.

For all the necessary hard work that needs to occur in addressing things that might apply and impede our ability to “just get er done.”

Why is it that we passively allow the press, our politicians, and pundits on one side of an issue or another to continue the lip-smacking unchecked? Why is that we don’t hold folks accountable for their actions and words? Is this an evolutionary phenomenon that is getting worse, or is it merely a reflection of our being content with a long standing lip moving status quo?    

How about we do something different? How about we hold folks accountable?

How about we rise above the lip-smacking rhetoric and not embrace or blindly expect and accept all the double-speak? How about we not allow the politicians, journalist and pundits on one side of the issue or the other lead us down one path or another just because they can move their lips? How about we not allow the lip-smacking to become the accepted norm and expect more. How about we hold folks truly accountable for distorting, misleading and misrepresenting the truth? How about we demand honesty, integrity and truthfulness across the board?


Originally posted on LinkedIn June 11, 2015.

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Joel Anderson 10/10/2016 · #4

Just find it interesting. Somewhere between 4 & 6 hours at least 1K views on this piece of affinity thinking. Thank you all who have taken the time to at least pull it up and look at it.

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Joel Anderson 10/10/2016 · #3

#1 The passive aggressive nature of social media creates an atmosphere of plausible deniability, mindless banter and an unending environment of emotional sensationalism where folks can just post something and run away. An circus like atmosphere where the topics and discussions of the day are rife with runaway BS. An atmosphere where the fire and forget of posting and accountability just doesn't matter any more. We find ourselves in this emotional and sensational abyss where no one individual, no one politician, no one media outlet is held accountable for anything they say and post. An abyss where plausible deniability, rhetoric, sound bites, misinformation, disinformation has become the norm. A world where words do matter despite the actions of some who just want to degrade their meaning and obfuscate reality. A world where we find a litany of many who find it acceptable to just float it all out there and let the perception, reality and premise of the ends justify the means to just meander unchecked. In some respects it is surrealism at its finest. May be a pipe dream, but I just think we can do better. Keep plugin.

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Joel Anderson 10/10/2016 · #2

#1 Thanks for the comment. I posted this a little over 2 hours ago just to see what the difference in platforms might be. Regardless of the message, I have found it interesting in that short period of time, I have had over 700 views on this thing compared to 447 on the other site in the 11th month time frame since I originally posted it. I think one thing I find interesting with respect to this article is the chaotic and mind numbing nature of all the rhetoric. Back in the day, we would not discuss politics or controversial issues at the dinner table. That was left for the back yard, out on the farm, or in the living room after dinner so we could help in the digestive process of some good food. We had an ability to talk about the issues of the day, we had an ability to put things into perspective, heck we even were able to self chaperone ourselves in the discussion space. If someone got too heated, to opinionated, or turned something personal we were able to take ourselves out of the emotion and agree to disagree and move on to other discussions of equal or greater importance. We self governed ourselves in the discussions by holding each other accountable. If someone chimed in with lip smackin and didn't have their facts straight, that point, not the original one became the unifying construct behind the discussion. We held ourselves accountable in the process of carrying on a discussion, and argument or expressing a position on something.

Brian McKenzie 10/10/2016 · #1

I got tired of the agendas and passive agreesive BS that stands in the way of change and performance. So I left. Those problems end at the shores of 'Merica. Nobody here cares what my politics are, they are more concerned that I can deliver the project or product - THAT is where reform occurs, in the delivery ~ never in the rhetoric.

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