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Daring Footsteps

Daring Footsteps“I Dare You, whoever you are, to share with others the fruits of your daring.  Catch a passion for helping others and a richer life will come back to you!”

“I Dare You, boys and girls, to make life obey you, not you it. It is only a shallow dare to do the foolish things. I dare you to do the uplifting, courageous things.”

“You can be bigger than you are.”

William Danforth “I Dare You”

We were humans, once and young.   When I graduated from High School my dad gave me Danforth’s book, I Dare You, as a graduation gift.  As he handed it to me he merely said, “As you get ready to embark on the next leg of your journey, whichever road you choose, rise above it all and be bigger than you are, leave your footprints where ever you go, and make a difference with your passion for and service to others.”  I hate to admit it but back then, I used to watch Soap Operas.  When one of those began, a voice came across saying “Like sands through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”   So being the son of my father, genetically predisposed to sarcasm and humor, I merely thanked him for the gift and in my brand new graduate voice repeated the phrase from the soap opera.  I did not have a clue how important the gift of a simple book was at that moment, nor how it would help me in my life’s journey and quest to make a difference.

In the soap opera(s) of social media, I have found myself thinking through all of the sensational sound bites and mind boggling commentary on every subject from large to small.  In taking my own daily footsteps across the Thing of Things (ToT) and my own ongoing personal journey navigating all the nonsensical, sometimes profound, and other times outrageous commentary I found myself picking up the book my father gave me to revisit Danforth’s series of dares.  As I looked at it again, I tried to put the myriad of discussions I read on social media and the news into the context of daring myself to be bold, to take daring footsteps that will allow me to rise above it all and help me to become bigger than I am right now and at this moment in time.   

As I flipped through the pages again, it made me think about the many footsteps (mine and footprints from others) along my journey. It made me think about all the footsteps and footprints that have been left by others over the millennia; it made me think about the quality and character of the steps that I am taking now and will take in the future; it made me think about 34 years from now when our world population is expected to exceed 9+Billion people; it made me think about 100, 200, 2000 years from now.  Would my footsteps and foot prints have made a difference? 

Would yours?

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost

Whichever road you choose, I Dare You to rise above it all, become bigger than yourself, and take footsteps that matter.  In doing so I Dare You to leave footprints for future generations that they can gaze at and positively look back upon .   I Dare You to make the world a better place and take the necessary daring footsteps on your personal and, to a larger extent, our collective journeys:  thoughtfully taking the time and effort to take steps that make a difference;  one person—one step  at a time.

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John Rylance Apr 17, 2018 · #23

If dinosaurs can leave footprints, we can dare to leave ours, not in the sand, but where it will last. How many of us will, can, dare to leave a lasting legacy?

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This is truly a buzz for all times. Its packed with great lessons and moving quotes from the mind and heart of @Joel Anderson. A must read and re-read. Here is a quote from the buzz "Whichever road you choose, I Dare You to rise above it all, become bigger than yourself, and take footsteps that matter. In doing so I Dare You to leave footprints for future generations that they can gaze at and positively look back upon".

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Joel Anderson Mar 8, 2018 · #21

#20 Well said Vanessa . Keep making a difference: one person, one step at a time.

Vanessa McCauley Mar 8, 2018 · #20

Thank you Joel for this wonderful article. The reading is so true. It really comes at a perfect time in my life after raising my two children, and returning to college. I made a decision as you well know, to go to Switzerland to study International Hotel and Business. I believe that every day the Lord puts on my path the people he wants me to meet and whom I can speak in to their life, or they speak in to my life. I am staying true to the calling that I feel that has been placed on my life personally I am the only one that can live it, it was designed for me, and the steps that I am to take on my life's journey.

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Joel Anderson Aug 8, 2016 · #19

#18 @Gary Sharpe please do. All the best.

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Gary Sharpe Aug 8, 2016 · #18

#11 Thank you @Joel Anderson .. very humbling... I will add this to our testimonials page if you don't mind, with a link back to your beBee profile.

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Joel Anderson Aug 5, 2016 · #17

Some daring days are better than others but despite our differences "Life Is Better With You" as we take our own daring footsteps. Here is to all who dare to be and make a difference. Together we can be and make life better; one step-one you at a time.

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Lisa Gallagher Jul 30, 2016 · #16

#14 Accept the dare with eloquence and my dignity intact @Deb Helfrich ;-) Especially after @Michael Hillebrand's brave and most respected buzz today!!

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