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Do you know how a self-service kiosk works?

Self-service kiosks have been very popular in the recent years.


From quick service restaurants to automated services at the airports, banks, retail shops, hospitality industries and especially in assisting people with way-finding.

Today, in this article we shall discuss about what is self-service kiosk and how does it work?


What is a self-service kiosk?

A self-service kiosk is a interactive computer terminal that give customers access to information and various services. It is commonly seen in high traffic areas.

As the name implies it gives the ability to customers to serve themselves.

There are different types of kiosks available from secured handy tablets to large free-standing stations.

Self-service kiosks are used in several industries like banking, hospitality, restaurants, etc. and can be programmed specifically according to the need. Kiosks require minimum hardware configuration.

Do you know how a self-service kiosk works?

How does it work?

Consider an example of a self-service kiosk in the hospitality industry.

Self-service kiosks in the hospitality industry help your customers to do self-check-in and check-out. Customers do not want to wait in long lines to check-in and check-out. It eliminates the need of staff to guide them for payments and bills during check-out. With the use of self-service kiosks, they can easily enjoy the stay in your hotel.

A Kiosk performs the following functions for check-in and check-out.

Identification – To check-in, visitors are prompted to select the language and identify them using the confirmation number and pin they received. The pin comes with the confirmation number as a message to them.

Registration – Kiosks allow you to enter the e-registration cards, personal details and policies on the screen. After completion of the personal details, guests need to confirm them.

Payments – It can be done using any of the cards and require authorization process. The transactions will be secured, and payments are done only after the confirmation by the guest. Payments can be done while check-in or check-out as per your wish. Once the payments are made, it gives you the e-receipts immediately. It provides a eco-friendly bill.

Key cards – The kiosks prompt to encode the keycards. They simply need to pick a card from the holder box and hold it close to the encoder. It will beep a message on successful encoding.

Simply, you can check-out easily by choosing the check out option in the kiosk. Upon this request you can hand over the keycards and it will ask for confirmation. You need not wait in queues for the staffs to assist you for vacating. In the previous system a staff is standing to ask about the feedback of the stay in the hotel. Here, there are no more people to enquire you. Hence, it helps to save more time.


In healthcare system, a kiosk helps patient to check-in for appointments and make payments for the bills.

In banking environment, self-service kiosks are used to accept deposits and withdraw cash. It scans your atm cards and also helps to print receipts.

In retail industries, kiosks help to search the price of a particular item and make payments.

People always prefer to stay update in the technologies and so we are updating to kiosks, the better interactive technology.

We are using a self-service kiosk in the hospitality industry from a company called iOnesoft. It offers several advantages to us in the recent times.

It uses a special facial recognition system which identifies the identity of the customers. During check-out, it matches with the previously loaded face and confirms it. Hence, it provides more security to our customers.

Moreover our customers are very happy and satisfied with the technological improvements in our business environment.

Doing business in the current competitive world is easier said than done. So, we are trying to provide the best services as possible as we can.

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