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5 Excellent Benefits of a Short Film For Students

5 Excellent Benefits of a Short Film For Students

When we were students (or if you’re a student now), you’re probably used to watching long films and documentaries for hours on end. This is fun because it gives you the chance to chill and work on other things, rather than watch the film itself. However, this is also disadvantageous, as you won’t be able to learn anything from the film, due to being bored or distracted.

That’s where short films come to play as a form of education. But how beneficial is it for students, really? Read on to learn the importance of short films and why it should be shown to students, compared to long lectures and mainstream films.

Why Are Short Films Beneficial For Students?

Why should students watch short films over feature-length movies? These are the five benefits of short films for students:

1. It’s Easy to Digest

The shorter our attention spans have gotten throughout the years. We have thinner patience and want things fast, and if we consume long and dragging movies, the less inclined we’ll be to stay interested.

That’s why short films are advantageous for students, simply because it’s short and sweet, making it easier to digest.

Think of it this way: Would a student want to watch a documentary that’s two hours long or a short film that provides similar details and information for less than an hour? More importantly, would they stay focused on a longer film compared to a shorter one?

Not only will students put better attention into the short film, but it will be easier to digest rather than cram too much information from longer films.

2. It Feels Personal and Innovative

Students don’t like watching films that feel impersonal or “old,” which has them lose their attention. Moreover, students would be tired of watching the same things over again, holding the same concept and outline but different topics.

With short films, these are made with personal visions and a dream. Not only that, but they feature fresher and more innovative ideas, utilizing different angles and perspectives to keep you on your feet. This will have students inclined to watch until the end, even learning more about the filmmaking industry on a deeper level.

3. Stays Entertaining

Short films are beneficial because they are one of the simple forms of entertainment that stay interesting from start to end. When edited tightly and well, students can sit through the entire film and digest it completely, compared to hours of lectures and films that would lose their attention.

Plus, because these filmmakers aren’t as well-known compared to Hollywood names, they most likely have new angles to their films, making it more interesting to watch without the predictable plot twists and usual concept behind mainstream films.

For instance, short film production Brisbane would most likely have a fresh perspective on unique topics students wouldn’t have thought of. This keeps students entertained and leaves them with questions and analyses that hone their minds.

4. It Tackles Many Topics

Short films are important as it gives audiences, including students, the access to different issues and topics they wouldn’t have known about.

It can tackle specific issues within your area, raise social awareness, and inspire students to make a change and open their perspective. Sometimes, it can also help with personal behavior and how students see the world, becoming more mature as they explore new topics and broaden their curiosity in the subject.

5. No Celebrities, More Excitement

One thing I don’t like about the usual films is that they always include a celebrity or movie star to pique interest and increase the chances of views and success. You’ll know who will be on screen, their method of acting, and even typecast them from previous films!

With short films, students will focus more on the subject rather than the celebrity features. They will also get to explore the filmmaking industry as they discover new talents, from unknown actors to filmmakers and promising directors.

6. Studies Prove It Effective!

A study shows how using film helps keep students more motivated compared to lectures and longer movies and documentaries. Numbers show that students have more positive and suitable opinions when watching short films in education. (

This is because short films narrate and visualize subjects’ better, utilizing storytelling to keep students entertained.

Furthermore, the study shows how short films are effective and useful to students, as they would enhance comprehension and memorization. It also supports creative thinking because of the unique perspectives some short films take.

Wrapping It Up

Short films are on the rise today and for a reason! Not only are they becoming popular within the film industry and avid moviegoers, but in the education sector as well. If you’re a teacher or parent, start looking into showing children short films to reap its benefits now!