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APPLE : Marketing Your Environment

APPLE : Marketing Your EnvironmentAt some point (around 1980) Steve Jobs said Apples mission statement was, “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.”

I am not exactly sure from who or where I heard it. It was describe that Apple wanted to make simple devices to make your life easier and ultimately keep you in an Apple environment. The iWatch for instance is not just tell time but make the phone experience easier while providing a substantial result.  I can check a text message on my iWatch and not have to use my phone to respond.  Alternately I can use my watch to enhance the listening experience through apple TV with the ability to skip tracks and raise and lower volume.  Connectivity through devices is seamless. We can FaceTime bringing us closer together. We can ask Siri a variety of questions when we are unsure.


The new iPhone 7 has an alternate jack required to use your old headphones.  With their goal in mind of keeping you in their environment.  Shouldn't they have marketed this change better? I mean thousands of people drilled a whole in the side of their phone in the belief the earphone jack will magically be there.  Couldn't the biggest company in the world ( or no.2) make people feel like the earphone jack was the greatest thing ever?

Perhaps the missing ingredient is not the product but the person.. Steve Jobs. 

I feel like I have heard a lot of people considering android. What about you?