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How Bad Is It, Really?

How Bad Is It, Really?

Big day today!! Election day!!! Woohooo!!!

Everything that Trump says is wrong with America will be fixed starting today!!!

All of the things that Hillary says need to change will be better starting today!!


We can finally fix this horrible country we are living in and make it what it was intended to be: amazing!!

“Hallelujah!! Holy s***!! Where’s the Tylenol?” — Clark W. Griswald, III

A Time For Honesty

A horrible country?

Fallen from grace?

A shadow of its former self?

Is that us?

Is that America?

My Challenge To You

Take everything the news has been telling you. Everything the candidates have been telling you. This horrible country we are in. This awful time in America. The failed economy. The failed borders. Our safety. Our jobs.

Take all of those things and leave them on the TV. Leave them on The Socials. Put the phone down for a minute.

I want you to look at your life. Just yours.

Not the people you hear about. Just you, and your family.

How bad is it?

How is your health? Your job? Your home?

Is it as bad as they say it is?

Are you voting today because of what you feel and see? Voting for your life as you know it? Or are you voting because of what they tell you? Voting because of what Fox tells you, or CNN, or MSNBC?

If you take away everything you have heard the last 12 months and just looked at your life, your day to day, how bad is it?

It’s Up To You

Don’t let them tell you what you think.

Don’t let them tell you how it is.

Democrats, Republicans, media, any of them.

F*** them all. They don’t know you.

They want to scare you. They want you to think that you need them. That you can’t do it on your own. Both major parties tout small government, or big government. It’s all bulls***.

All they have said the last 12 months is you need them.

You need the government.

Your life sucks.

Your life has sucked the last 8 years, and it’s only going to get worse.

They Are Wrong

I know your life doesn’t suck. Why? Because you are alive and able to even read this. You woke up this morning. You are alive and can vote today. You are alive and will either be furious or ecstatic tonight. You can feel. You have emotions. That’s a beautiful thing. Things are pretty good. Life is pretty damn wonderful if you take the time to look. If you take the time to block out all the noise, the hate, the fear, the news, and especially the candidates.

Take some time and settle in to the peace and quiet.

Be grateful for the peace.

Be grateful for the quiet.

Be grateful for the breath that just entered your lungs.

The eyes you are using to read this.

The heart that is pulsing life through your veins.

The friends and family that love you with all their heart.

The friends and family that you love with all your heart.

Life is beautiful.

Take a moment to feel that today.

It’s going to be a hell of a day.

Just remember to ask yourself:

How bad is it really?

I’m guessing it’s pretty damn good.







Brian McKenzie 8/11/2016 · #2

Life is insignificant, transient, temporary, transactional and errantly worthless. It is the same shit when we were piling dead bodies under Bush in Central America and Iraq, Under Clinton in Eastern Europe, Under Bush II in Iraq & Aghanistan and under this last moron in Ukraine for starters. We are f*cking fish in an aquarium for some cosmic entertainment. The GAME will continue, the only question us how many dead, from where, and for how much. Same as it ever was.

Paul Walters 8/11/2016 · #1

@Joey Reghitto Nice one...Bravo!

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