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The Reality Of Westworld

The Reality Of Westworld

For those of you that have not seen the HBO series, Westworld, here is a breakdown of the plot: A “world” (duh) set in the “west” (double duh), was created where humans can interact with extremely lifelike robots, live out fantasies, and have adventures, all without the threat of serious physical harm.

It’s like Vegas x 1,000.

Sounds awesome, but at $40,000 a day, not going to happen any time soon (at least for me).

I knew where the show was going to go, ultimately questioning reality, and I have been waiting 8 episodes for it to get there.

Last night, it got there.

And when it did, the way they did it, between the writing, acting, and execution, it was pure gold.

Here is my breakdown, in relationship to us, of the best tw